As sheathing plastic panels toilet?

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Currently mortar stores are filled with plenty of materials for finishing of various facilities.To repair the toilet excellent solution to choose plastic panels that are very easy to install and use.

When repairing a toilet room raises the question of how to sheathe plastic panels toilet.

For the finish, you must have a toilet hangers, plastic panels, ceiling moldings, a stapler, knife racks, profiles - starting, finishing and angular, self-tapping screws, dowels, nails, construction level.

before sheathing plastic panels toilet, should be carefully remove the dimensions of the room, that is exactly need to know the width, length and height.You also need to figure out what to close the communication going in the toilet.In this case, they can be masked by the same plastic panels that will be used for finishing the interior of the toilet.

After training necessary to determine the color and size of plastic panels, the choice of which necessarily should pay attention to their width, as this indicator provides a correct calculation of the required number of panels for cladding plastic panels looked perfect.If the walls in the bathroom are uneven, the need to create a skeleton from strips to ensure alignment.The size of these strips should be 10 - 50 mm.

Initially trim strips necessary to carry out processing using a special composition, which will provide protection against mold and mildew.After drying racks can begin to collect the frame to attach panels made of plastic.For the assembly should be carried out to measure and cutting out four horizontal strips of the rails.Then, using a spirit level should be obtained strips as straight as possible to attach plug-gvozdyamim the wall.Also keep in mind that the attachable rails must be placed parallel to each other.

After cooking the frame can be performed fixing the plastic panels.First you need to determine the place from which it will be convenient start cladding plastic panels.After this consolidation is carried out or a starting corner profile to the frame with screws or staples.Is then inserted into the profile of the first panel and the next - to each other and fixed to the frame.When

trim plastic panels toilet is recommended to do all the pre-cutting work boards, as due to nervousness walls, ceilings and floors may be that the prepared panel will have to throw out because it can not fit on the size.Thus, panels cutting work should be carried out immediately prior to the implementation of the installation of each of them.

Keeping all of the above requirements and rules, you can easily answer the above questions - "How to sheathe plastic panels toilet?ยป

ceiling mount frame should be carried out on direct suspensions and cut holes for the recommended lighting prodelyvat with a sharp knife.The resulting gaps can be easily inserted ceiling moldings.

How sheathing plastic panels toilet with absolutely smooth walls, floor and ceiling?In this case it is recommended to use a frameless mounting method.With this method panels are attached with dowels, nails or adhesive mounting.