How to get rid of the bugs in the couch in the house quickly, reliably and permanently

It would seem that any bugs in the XXI century!Unfortunately, these bloodsuckers safely crossed a century mark, and today still annoy people.As they penetrate into our comfortable homes?The bugs derive from the sofa and other habitat once and for all?

What are bedbugs?

found in his apartment the small blood-sucking insects, people rush to buy one or another insecticide or trying to fight people's methods.And sometimes I wonder why nothing works.In order to know exactly how to get rid of the bugs in the couch you must know with whom to deal.Bug - insect, whose diet consists only of human blood, and in rare cases, and animals.In the absence of food insect falls into hibernation.That is, any bait in the case of the parasite is not working.Adults feed on blood-suckers of 5-7 times or even 10 days.The younger generation (called nymphs) in order to become sexually mature insect must have much more.Adult bedbugs bite to inject an enzyme that blocks pain.The body starts to itch just a couple of hours.At the nymphs of this enzyme is not present.It is their bites especially painful.And young and mature birds drink blood, biting through the body in several places.After their meal on the skin are a kind of a chain of red spots.This is one of the signs of the presence of bedbugs in the house.

where they come

From the appearance of these parasites in the house no one is immune, even the most fanatical chistyuli.Get into any dwelling bugs can with new furniture, "arrive" on clothing or footwear, move from its neighbors, crawl into the box from the nests of swallows, or simply on the wall.Adults overcome such an obstacle at a speed of 1 meter per hour.Once in the new territory, insects settle in any cracks, behind baseboards, under carpets, books, behind pictures, in the outlets.Their body is so arranged that can squeeze in an incredibly narrow place, and that is where the parasites are most comfortable.But most of all love to live bugs in the couch.How to get rid of them forever?The problem is that these parasites multiply at an alarming rate.The adult female lays up to ten eggs daily, but only for his 12 months of life, it is able to defer approximately 500 eggs.Larvae hatch after only 4 days, and to turn into an adult bedbug it needs a little more than a month.Single fertilized female enough in her life.Spermatozoa male remain in the body and are used gradually.It is very important to know, because getting rid of the bugs in the couch in the house can only be destroyed every one of the individuals, including eggs.

What do you like and do not like bloodsuckers

With this insect does not matter, clean the house or not.And here and there, they feel comfortable.They like sofas and beds with many designer folds, crevices, accessories.Air temperature they prefer 20-30 degrees.At a temperature of 15 larvae cease to grow, and at 50 all the bugs are killed instantly.Negative temperature insects can withstand up to -20 degrees.In such circumstances, they hibernate until the more favorable conditions.The same occurs in the absence of food.The dormant bugs are able to fast for about a year.Responding to a question on how to get rid of the bugs in the couch, I must say that these insects like overcrowding, that is one place you can find adults and nymphs, and eggs, and skin that are regularly thrown at nymphs molt.But this is not the slot.Some individuals may be hiding somewhere away from the bulk of relatives.An important indicator of their presence are droppings - small dark lumps.

Traditional methods of combating

Primitive man was just beginning to develop intelligent life, and his krovushku already drank bugs.How to get rid of?Folk remedies from this scourge variety.Over the years this bad neighborhood people have tried various herbs, ointments, mechanical and thermal treatment methods of contaminated sites.From herbs to lay proposed habitat bugs tansy, wormwood, elder.However, these methods do not eliminate the insects, but only at the time they repel.Previously it was thought that the parasites can not stand the pungent smell, due to which, it was suggested at night applied to exposed areas of the body perfume or cologne.Indeed, a short while bugs leave their victim alone, and after overpowering aversion to the smell and begin the meal.Another folk remedy is dust.It really helps, but its use has many negative aesthetic aspects.Good People technique - the fight against bedbugs cold.If the room temperature is below 20 degrees, the uninvited guests will not stand for a long time.Also, if you do not mind the furniture, used her steaming or boiling water.

How to get rid of the bugs in the couch modern methods

To date, the most effective means to combat bloodsuckers considered insecticides.They are available in different price range and represented domestic and foreign manufacturers.The most popular Russian "Insecticide" German "Executioner", Dutch "Tetriks" and Korean "Combat"."Hangman" - an effective but expensive drug that requires double processing.Means "Tetriks" has an incredibly pungent smell, also very expensive, but the room they need to process only once."Combat" a very pleasant scent of lemon.Domestic drug "Insecticide" the price is more democratic, but the quality is not much inferior to foreign analogues.In addition to these insecticides are used "Malathion".It is inexpensive, but not as effective.In the treatment of all the mentioned means must be removed from the premises of humans and animals.You can use a pencil, "Masha".In this case, leave the housing is not required.When the chemical fight against bedbugs is necessary to consider that the insect develops addictive, so it is recommended to change tools.