Creatine Monohydrate (Creatine) side effects, application reviews

Strength training - a popular activity of modern youth.They give the body of the fortress, as well as tempered character.For athletes who are engaged in power sports for several years, it is no secret that impressive results can be achieved only if carefully monitor their diet and daily routine.

As for food, it is often not enough to simply have.To increase strength, mass and obtain the necessary energy during training sessions, athletes use supplements.One of the most popular among athletes is creatine.What it is?


According to research, it is «Creatine Monohydrate» is the most effective nutritional supplement for representatives of power sports.Thanks to the hundreds of tests conducted revealed the positive effect on the growth performance of endurance athletes.In addition, the nutritional supplement contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass and strengthening fibers.

creatine monohydrate, the effect of which is described above, is used by athletes worldwide.This product is for our body is quite natural, since he himself produces it for himself in small quantities to supply the energy of the muscle fibers.Natural Creatine is produced through the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

also a natural substance present in small quantities in some foods.Creatine contains red meat, salmon, herring and tuna.To muscles had enough energy to power loads, enough to eat only these foods.Energy substance content are too small.So every day, using a small dose of food supplement «Creatine Monohydrate», you will provide your body with the necessary energy for further training.

For some useful creatine?

Dietary supplements based on creatine have been used for the third decade.It all started with a few athletes to train with the aim to win at the Olympics.Since athletes are properly discharged in their diet creatine.Thanks to him, for example, bodybuilders during resistance training can perform a much larger volume of work, due to which they will achieve their goal - to increase muscle mass.

All the people involved in sports, whether wrestlers, football players, sprinters and so on, can become stronger and hardier using creatine monohydrate, the prices of which are not exorbitant.

The application of a food additive

How to take creatine monohydrate?The powder should be used as a food supplement after exercise.This method of application practice, most athletes around the world.Since after heavy loads creatine levels in the muscle fibers is sharply reduced, it is necessary to restore this balance.This can be formulated so-called protein cocktail.In addition to a small dose of creatine, it must contain a protein rapidly digestible carbohydrates and glutamine.

Every body is different, so the athlete should be to decide how to drink creatine monohydrate.Some athletes decide to use a dietary supplement before training, to perform more exercises in the gym, and after it - abstain.Others - used creatine before exercise, and after them.To determine the desired mode, it is important to listen to your body and give him as much energy as needed.

How to generate a dose?

Since our bodies need daily creatine is about 8 grams, to avoid exceeding this standard is sufficient to consume about 3-5 grams.The fact that it's worth doing, we talked a little higher.

We also raised the issue of mixing creatine with other nutrients that help to "build" our body.Here, everyone decides how to take creatine monohydrate.The powder may simply be diluted with water, and it is possible to add, for example, serum protein.He is involved in the construction of new cells of muscle fibers.

Someone throws powder food supplement «Creatine Monohydrate» fruit juice or tea.It is worth noting an important detail concerning the preparation of the cocktail.Dilute it only need to use, instead of doing so in advance.It is important to remember such details before deciding how to drink creatine monohydrate.

How does creatine on the body?

substance that gives your muscles the energy gets into the blood through them.ATP - the source of explosive energy of the body.Due to the conversion of creatine into creatine phosphate, ATP restocking, at the time of physical activity our bodies constantly have access to the resources to do the job.Although the described process looks complicated, it all happens within us in a matter of seconds.

What happens when the body lacks the creatine phosphate?Then there is the expense of ATP glycogen, taken from the liver.This kind of reserve.It is through this mechanism, we do not fall to death from lack of power, even when we feel very tired.Unlike pure creatine, glycogen, ATP is converted to an order of magnitude longer.

Side effects

In general «Creatine Monohydrate» does not deliver the body of problems if taken in small doses, in accordance with the planned schedule training sessions.The main rule to keep in mind, so it is that taking creatine large portions will not bring much effect.This conclusion is based on studies that excess creatine phosphate is simply excreted from the body.

In addition, during the reception of creatine is important to drink a lot of water, since it is able to attract in the muscle cells interstitial fluid.Also, science is not fully investigated the question of influence of creatine supplementation on the body of teenagers.Therefore, if you are under 18 years of age, the use of creatine for a while is to abstain.

term "load" creatine

As noted above, even the best creatine monohydrate when it superfluous, eliminated from the body, and does not accumulate.Thus, everything that an athlete takes a week "boot" will not give explosive results not accumulate anywhere, but simply will "gift".That is why manufacturers of supplements recommend taking small doses of ezhednevno.Etot term began to gain popularity in the 90s, when a food supplement only began to appear on the shelves.The essence of this concept is to actively use creatine for a week in order to "fill" the energy of the muscle fibers and subsequently it expend.So there is a "load" creatine in muscle.Many athletes believe that through this scheme, you can more effectively exploit the potential of this material and boost power results.Whether it is necessary to carry out such a "load" for you?

What is a "Micronized" Creatine?

It is a dietary supplement consisting of the same material - creatine.The difference lies only in the particle size of the powder mass.Micronized creatine has grains which are less than typically about 20 times!What you need to micronization?

Mainly for better solubility.Anyone who has used a conventional powder, noticed that the bottom of the cup there is a small pellet of some particles.It is creatine, which simply dissolved.Because of this, it does not get into the body and remains in the glass.Therefore, it is micronized creatine monohydrate, the price is slightly higher than on a conventional powder, experts recommend buying.

Creapure® What is creatine monohydrate?

Creapure® - recognized standard among athletes taking creatine.It is made in Germany.This item can be found in many foods containing creatine, are sold all over the planet.To understand whether there is Creapure® creatine monohydrate in a certain product, we need only look at the composition of the list of the inscription «Creapure®».

This product, according to the manufacturer, up to at least two important goals:

  • contributes to the development of the muscular system, not fat;

  • helps to recover after hard training.

to this effect was more evident manufacturer Creapure® Creatine advises the following drug regimens.On the day when the scheduled training session, is to use two teaspoons (5 grams) of creatine after training.On weekends, when there is no training, it should be exactly the same dose, but only in the morning.German experts also advised to take the drug cycles.After 4-5 weeks of taking the drug, you need to give your body a "rest" for 3-4 weeks.Then the effect will be particularly noticeable.

effect of caffeine on the action of a dietary supplement

Some manufacturers do not recommend drinking caffeine drinks if you use «Creatine Monohydrate».How to take a nutritional supplement, everyone decides on their own, but it is worth remembering that caffeine may block the beneficial effects of creatine.On the other hand, according to many experts, drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day, you will not feel the negative impact of caffeine.

What do the athletes?

Most people are happy with the result, which gives the "Creatine Monohydrate".Reviews only confirm this.Here are some of them.

One woman 27 years was advised to take creatine to gain muscle mass, as she was too skinny.According to her, she regularly visited the gym, but the results could not be called impressive - the exercises she was given with difficulty, and adding muscle mass was observed.Soon she started taking creatine, making training in the gym began to give it a lot easier, but a large increase in weight did not happen.

24-year-old bodybuilder says that taking creatine, the price of which was quite high.I buy the products of different companies and, in his words, the difference between them, he hardly noticed.But the result has pleased - a significant increase in muscle mass and a clear outline of the figure.

One amateur bodybuilder, who 32 years old, not so long ago began to take creatine, argues that a large effect is not noticed.Moreover, in the early days, some digestive problems, but then all was quiet.

your opinion about creatine and one was an experienced runner.It is engaged in athletics and is constantly involved in long-distance races.The athlete started taking creatine after several heavy races.He said he felt overtraining and decided to try «Creatine Monohydrate».How to make - I do not really know, but one of his friends suggested that the need to make cocktails and drink after training.What was the outcome?Now he, as before, gets a lot of pleasure from running because his forces have recovered and have energy.

One young woman working fitness instructor, bought a flavored creatine, but did not have time to feel the effect.It turned out that she had an allergy to it.Then she suggested to buy the drug without filler.

As can be seen, about the use of "Creatine Monohydrate", the reviews are different.Most athletes strength sports are not just a training process without this food additive.Why do the "siloviki" most dependent on creatine?The loads that have to endure such athletes are truly extreme.The high load on the muscles sometimes lasts for 1.5-2 hours, while there is training.That's why representatives of the power sports try to get the best creatine monohydrate.But how do you know which one is better?

difficult choice

How to choose creatine monohydrate?Companies producing it, releasing the drug in the form of powder, tablets and capsules.To determine what is necessary for you, should take into account the rating of creatine monohydrate, compiled on the basis of price, quality, availability, and other factors.

But do not pay attention only to the brands.Sometimes the fame of some of the drug - dealing exclusively well-organized marketing campaign.Choosing creatine, pay attention to the amount of particles.As noted above, they are larger than the less they are dissolved.Besides more creatine powder particles, the more difficult they are absorbed by the body.This fact should be considered when choosing first.

Also pay attention to the content of the powder in the composition of essential nutrients.They must be present, as it is thanks to such elements creatine is better absorbed and can penetrate into the cells of the muscle fibers.Often they can be simple sugars, which increase the level of insulin in the blood during the recovery period after power loads.You can also pay attention to whether there is a part of the selected drug alpha-lipoic acid, which increases insulin sensitivity.

Taking nutritional supplements, it is worth remembering that the success of the training process is largely dependent on the correct course of development, fighting spirit and effort.By establishing a training schedule and creating a clear schedule, you can achieve success.