Ethnic groups.

No one would argue that the people of various countries differ from each other.Just as people within the same nationality.These differences are due to the history of the people, common traditions and cultural values ​​of a particular group.All this is a very interesting subject to study by sociologists, historians and psychologists.In general sense, any nation, nationality, ethnic group can be called.And in almost every ethnic group ethnic groups operate.Try to understand what it is, how they differ.

can say that ethnic groups - a community of people who are similar in outlook, cultural norms, beliefs.They have an individual identity and separate themselves from other communities.As a rule, all members of the group speak the same language, belong to the same religion, have a similar warehouse of character.

form an ethnic group may be several ways:

  1. By assimilation of one people by another, or relocation to another area.For example, there yakutians, Kamchadals, kolymchane - Russian people have adopted many of the traditions and way of life of Yakuts.
  2. Under the influence of certain historical events.To those, for example, include the Old Believers emerged after the split of the Church, or chaldonov - community formed after Ermak's campaign.
  3. The merger of the above reasons.You can call the Cossacks, to whom life is largely influenced by their living in areas close to the historical military events.

Most multinational states, everywhere there are ethnic groups that could be considered a minority.This is not always they are such in the number of its members.Thus, the national composition of the United States includes not only the Native Americans, but also African American, Irish, Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Germans - the representatives of more than 100 nations around the world.Even the indigenous population is divided, and unites about 170 tribes.

The same can be said about Russia.Its territory is home to 180 people.It is not only Russian, but also Ukrainians, Finns, Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Moldavians, Buryats, Chechens, etc.In the European part of the country prevails Russian ethnicity, which can not be said of the Urals.The percentage of the Russian population reaches 80 throughout the country.

In the US the proportion of Native Americans is only 1.3%.But at the same time in both countries are indicative examples of discrimination against ethnic minorities.So, we all know about the hostility of some of the "native" population to the Russian people from the Caucasus.And such rejection often leads to bloodshed.In turn, many of the southern people just refer to the Russian in their territory.Russia is no exception to the global rule.

can talk about the oppression of ethnic minorities in America.For example, think of the period when black people were enslaved by the white race.But the number of blacks is much higher than the number of representatives of leading the nation.And now the United States is extremely difficult to find a decent job, getting good income immigrants from Latin America, and in fact their number far exceeds the number of "native" Americans.

now clarify why the word "original" was written in quotes.The fact is that any ethnic group - it is not a constant.One way or another, but there are changes based on various historical events.Belonging to a particular community may be based not only on the birth, but also to the marriage.Often there are mixed unions.Therefore, to talk about the primordial belonging to a particular people is extremely difficult.Ethnic groups change over time, leaving behind some basic features and identity.