"Persona non grata", or "Go away, please ..."

"persona non grata": this term (under international law) is a person who has been denied agremane, ie consent of the host State to consider a person to diplomatic representatives of other states.

says "Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations," from 1961, a person who has diplomatic status, exempt from criminal prosecution if they violate the laws of the receiving State.This is called "diplomatic immunity."Why is there the need for the legal status of "persona non grata"?Its importance lies in the fact that the receiving state has no right to involve committed misconduct or a crime diplomat responsible.But because they committed acts of his stay in the territory of the state it is impossible for various reasons.

diplomats - the people, in general, law-abiding, and deliberate offense in the territory of a foreign state committed only in exceptional cases.First of all, when it is required by the interests of their country, or (more rarely), according to personal notions of right and wrong.Chance of a third option - to commit such an offense for financial reward, but that's just from the category of non-science fiction.In such an act can go unless only representative of some marginal African or Asian country where every six months committed a coup.For example, under diplomatic cover to smuggle into the country drugs, or something else no less vile.

In 2009, the event caused a lot of noise, resulting in the status of "persona non grata" was consul of the Consulate General of Finland in Russia.The diplomat brought under diplomatic cover in the child's country of mixed Russian-Finnish families.The boy had not only the Finnish, but also Russian citizenship, so was protected by Russian law.

«persona non grata» can be assigned not only to the current diplomat, has been working on the territory of another country.In the appointment of a new official in the embassy or consulate diplomatic department makes a request agrement, in the case of the host country agreement the employee becomes a "persona grata."Otherwise - "persona non grata" and denied entry into the country the status of a diplomat.

often classified this status would not be at any place which had a misdemeanor.Sometimes it is - a manifestation of dissatisfaction with certain actions of the state, sent the diplomat suspected of spying, or in response to a similar measure with respect to its representatives of the diplomatic corps.

During the "Cold War," the practice of ad "persona non grata" was used very widely.During the conflict, the diplomatic department of the USA, Great Britain or the Soviet Union deported workers enemy literally dozens of embassies.

no secret that as a part of the diplomatic corps there is always a certain amount of intelligence personnel (primarily - Intelligence), which are on the territory of the host country activities which the status of a diplomat has little in common.There's nothing you can do, such people have a job.And legally do anything with them is impossible - as in the recent case of the attempt to recruit American diplomat of the Russian military.In this case, "persona non grata" - this is the only legitimate way to get rid of unwanted stay in the country face.