Army of the world: the strongest rating.

time goes forward, the world is not standing still.Mankind has long recognized that war brings only destruction and death.But this awareness does not give such an effect, what we would like.Globe at war, and war is not even leading countries recognize the existence of a number of factors that do not allow them to relax.All this leads to the fact that each country is trying to build up its military forces in order to feel safe.

The international community understands that to completely abandon the weapons is impossible, because there are people such as terrorists or extremists, who will continue to kill innocent civilians in their religious reasons.And everyone wondered how the top looks of the strongest armies in the world.

To create such a list, select a number of criteria, which will be evaluated and the army.It:

  • maximum call people into the ranks of the army;
  • number of tanks;
  • number of aircraft;
  • nuclear firepower;
  • number of aircraft carriers;
  • number of submarines;
  • military budget.

It is with such parties and consider the armies of the world.Ranking of countries very interesting and sometimes predictable.Consider the details of our winners.

1. US - race winner

This country is very predictable ranked first.If you ask an ordinary person, what is the strongest army in the world, then fifty percent of the answer that the military forces of the United States, and they will be right.

According to the above features in three US wins.The first of them - is the number of airplanes.13643 units of the flying techniques - that can boast the US Army.It is also the undisputed leader of this country is the number of aircraft carriers, they number 10 pieces, while in Russia or China, only one.And third, probably one of the most important qualities, because of which the US is not losing ground in the arms race, it is the budget.More than 612 billion dollars invested in the White House, his army every year, and the US Army shows that it is worth it sums.

In addition, the status of the most technologically advanced and capable, too, belong to this army.The United States has military bases around the world, allowing them to significantly frighten potential enemies.After hit they can cause just a few hours after receiving the order to.

Pentagon also not lagging behind in modern military development, which gives all new, unprecedented up to that time, weapons, all of which have more power and long-range destruction.

All these factors help us to understand that the US is ahead of all the other armies of the world.Rating deserved this country is headed, but it is not the only one that deserves attention.

2. The second place - the Russian Federation

silver medal in the ranking deservedly gets Russia.She is the successor of the Soviet Union, has never ceased to relate to his army seriously.Russia's armed forces are the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and the largest number of tanks (15,000 units), which forces the enemies tremble before the Russian army.

in Russia since Soviet times have accumulated huge stocks of ammunition and military equipment.But that is not all.Russian Army is constantly keeps up with the times by inventing a new weapon that also elevates it to our list.

military budget is more than 76 billion US dollars, compared with the United States in less than 8 times.It's a little hinders the development of the military forces of the Russian Federation.Russian Army is not so numerous, but as they say, it is necessary to take not quantity but quality.In the army consists of highly qualified personnel, who are trained and have not visited in a skirmish.They are always ready to faithfully serve the homeland.

Russian Armed Forces have different units, which is just to get the order, ready to go into battle and defend their country, whether naval warfare, air or land.

3. Bronze medalist - China

honorable third place is occupied by the armed forces of the People's Republic of China.His place is the army deserved because the large number of soldiers who protect this country.The staff of the Chinese army has more than 749 million people.It is the largest army in the world, as measured by the human resource.

China is also in second place after the United States to finance the army.Every year China's military budget of the country received more than $ 126 billion, which is more than it delivers everything you need.

military equipment to this country also abound.It is armed with 4.5 thousand armored vehicles, 2 thousand planes and 9,150 tanks.The nuclear combat power, in comparison with Russia and the United States is small, only 250 units, but it can cause great damage to the country of the enemy in the event of nuclear war.Experts believe that if Russia did not firmly take up his army rearmament, by 2020 China will have an army to occupy second place in the ranking.

4. India goes ahead

little not reached to the prize triples India.It ranks fourth in the ranking of the world's armies.

Army India second after China in the number of personnel.In this country are more than 615 million people, which creates a serious threat to the aggressor countries.It also has a fairly large number of pieces of equipment.This 3569 tanks, 1785 aircraft and 17 submarines.Nuclear weapons in the country is also available.According to various sources in India are between 90 and 100 nuclear weapons.

With so many troops India has a fairly weak budget.Indian Army a year from the state receives about $ 46 billion.In fourth place this country has helped turn also developed military industry.Plants for the production of weapons and military equipment located throughout the country, which allows in case of emergency to mobilize them and to complement and so impressive number of pieces of military equipment.

5. A small but strong UK

Five leaders closes the army of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.England does not have such impressive military forces, as the aforementioned state, but the problems will bring a lot of his enemy.

The British Army are close to 29 million gave his heart to the country soldiers.Military equipment from this country, too, not so much.It includes 407 tanks, 908 combat aircraft and 11 submarines.Regarding nuclear weapons the United Kingdom is not so weak.It is ahead of India, as the warehouses of military organizations of England kept 225 nuclear weapons.

UK also does not skimp on expenses for the army.In a year from the state budget allocated more than 53 billion dollars.Such a large amount of money and led England in fifth place in this ranking, because the modern army can not live without a huge infusion of cash for the development of material and technical base, as well as training of personnel.Another strong point of the UK - the fleet.Since the country is located on the islands, it must be able to protect themselves from the sea, which gives it a great advantage.

6. France

figures provided by France show that the army of the country is nearly as strong as the other armies of the world.Rating troops it gives her the right to stay in sixth place in this list.

France has more than 28 million military personnel.In its disposal - 423 tanks and 1203 combat aircraft, which is more than in the UK.Also, the number of nuclear weapons, it surpasses its maritime neighbor.France has kept 300 nuclear weapons.In his part of the French army also has one aircraft carrier and ten submarines.

French army budget is 43 billion dollars, which is significantly lower than that of the UK.In sixth place France also gave a very powerful defense industry, which will enable the country to survive in any local conflict, but the global France no longer cope.

7. Germany and its army

In seventh place, "hit parade" of troops is Germany.In his personal composition of the country it has more than 36 million people, which is higher than both France and the UK.Tanks from Germany has 408, and combat aircraft - 710. By its military technology, Germany can also be attributed, and 4 subs.

Germany is a supporter of nuclear disarmament, so she does not have it at all, as well as aircraft carriers.

Germans are known worldwide for its stinginess, but his army, they do not save.The armed forces of Germany annually receive $ 45 billion, which is quite an impressive sum for such a large number of equipment and personnel.

Another quite important military figure for Germany is its energy independence from Russia, which makes it possible not to hope that ally.

8. Turkey - is not only a resort paradise

When an ordinary person says about Turkey in the first place, he remembers it resorts.Indeed, the country is known for its exclusive and inexpensive holiday.But few know that the Turkish army is not so weak and able to stand up for their country.This is due, above all, the proximity with Syria, and the country is constantly at war.Therefore, we must be prepared to reflect enemy attacks in the future.Another military problem - the conflict with the Kurds.All this makes Turkey to constantly worry about the state of its armed forces.

Turkey has more than 41 million personnel, which puts it above Germany, France and the UK.Tanks in the army too short.They number 3,657, as well as combat aircraft in the amount of 989 units.From the sea to Turkey to protect 14 military submarines.Like Germany, Turkey has no nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers.

Another weak point of this army - a very small budget.It is slightly more than $ 18 billion, that for such an army - small money.The country's authorities should think about this.

9. South Korea in a constant feud

Because of the political situation in North Korea, South constant fear of attack "brothers."This fear creates a constant build-up of military power of the armed forces.

In his personal composition of the army of South Korea has more than 25 million people.This highly skilled soldiers, ready at any moment to rush to defend their country.Tanks and warplanes are also held in high esteem.South Korean Army has 2346 tanks and 1393 aircraft.Also, the country has 14 submarines in stock, ready to strike with water.Nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers, unfortunately, in this country are not available.

country invests in its army annually 33.7 billion, larger than that of Turkey is almost 2 times.

Due to the immediate threat to South Korea is not going to stop the military force of the country, because they do not want to be conquered.And examples of it are the strongest army in the world.Rate this small but volelyubivoy Army speaks for itself.

10. Japan - a country of advanced technology

Closes our top ten of Japan.We know from history that once the country has participated in World War II is not on the winning side.Once she still had to admit defeat, it signed a lot of contracts, which to this day does not allow Japan to build up its military power at the expense of numerical indicators as human forces and technology.But we all know that the Japanese have long since learned to use what nature has given them, namely - the head.Therefore, the rating of the strongest armies in the world, Japan included not for quantity but for the quality of its army.

Yet Japan has a pretty good performance in terms of personnel and weaponry.The Japanese Army are more than 53.6 million people.Tanks Japan 767 aircraft - 1595, 16 submarines and one aircraft carrier.Nuclear weapons are, by virtue of the agreements Capitulations, the country does not possess.

Funding for the Army and is a constant 49.1 billion dollars a year.All these factors make Japan a worthy entry in the top ten most powerful armies in the world.

Thus, this rating reflects trends in the development of weapons of the strongest countries in the world.There are many opinions on how well these countries must be placed.But the three leaders of change, no one can.Three countries - the US, Russia and China - are constantly competing with each other for supremacy in the race, but so far no one to overtake the United States did not succeed.

in the top ten is also very often inscribe tiny Israel.It is a country with a developed military industry.Living in the Middle East, it is impossible not to think of the constant threat from the side neighbors.Yes, and for Israel itself is not the most peaceful times.The peculiarity of this army, which was discussed around the world, is a mandatory service for all women in the army.And stay there permanently a lot of girls.

But the number of the army of Israel is quite small - 3.5 million people, and little funding ($ 15 billion). Israel does not enter the top ten.However, the lack of military equipment does not have an army.There are 3870 Tanks, aircraft - 680, and nuclear weapons, according to various sources - from 80 to 100 submarines in this country 14.

concluding this rating is also impossible not to mention the well-known throughout North Korea.It is a global list of the most militarized countries is on the 35 place.But it has one big feature.North Korea is a world leader in the number of submarines.They number 78. But here plays the role of all of the same quality.Most of these submarines is almost impossible to use, because the technique has not been updated for a long time and simply outdated after years of operation.After all, a third of the boats were already quite old, even to the distant 1961, to say nothing of the present.It is also a measure of their radius of action - four miles.At the same time any American submarine can fire in a radius of 150 miles, which proves the incapacity of the North Korean navy.