Running for Beginners: program schedule scheme

Our life - is a constant movement.All of us are somewhere in a hurry, running, trying to do everything.In this pursuit of career and money sometimes does not have enough time nor the desire to do their own health.And after 30 starts: it aches a bit, here ache, pressure rolls, weight worries.But there is another scenario: the body can stay young for a long time, and the body - to be strong and sturdy.And running - a great helper in this.

8 reasons to start exercising today

  • Running for Beginners is available at any time of the year.At the same time it does not require special exercise equipment.
  • a result of exercise produced endorphins, aka "happiness hormones".
  • Jogging help burn unwanted calories, strengthen health.
  • temper Such exercises will help set goals and solve problems.
  • time employment - a good opportunity to be alone with yourself, improve yourself.
  • Running has a positive effect on the sex life.
  • During Exercise does not need to be in a stuffy room.Instead, you can enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature.
  • has long been proven that correctly selected the program runs for beginners can not only help to cope better with stressful situations, and even prolong life.

effect on the body

Jogging have a very positive effect: there is good blood, begins to actively work the pituitary, the cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.Body fluids (blood, lymph) is actively circulating.Due to the synthesis of new cells the body is updated, it produced carbon dioxide necessary for biochemical processes, set proper breathing and performance increases.

rules for beginners

For best results (as well as not to hurt yourself) should adhere to certain provisions.

  1. correct running for beginners need to first do a warm-up, for example, alternate between brisk walking slow.
  2. increases the speed can only be achieved if the 15 minutes of sports activities are effortlessly.
  3. During classes try to keep the body straight, hands should be slightly bent and relaxed.
  4. need to breathe through the nose, as it helps to control the race.
  5. for the sport in the heart of the principle required in normal, healthy lungs and joints.In the case of deterioration of health after training required to see a doctor.Do not engage in viral diseases (influenza, acute respiratory infections, sore throats, and so on. D.).
  6. jogging choose stadiums, park paths, avoid upgrades and downgrades.
  7. most important rule - drop of anxiety and insecurity, think about the classroom in a positive manner.

program runs for beginners for the first time

first days will be adaptive.Beginners tend to be physically prepared for a long, much faster tempo run.That's when you feel that you do not choke, you will be able to prolong the occupation and eliminate walking.And for those who are interested in running for beginners, these recommendations - to be engaged 3-4 times a week and be sure to take breaks in one day.

program runs for beginners 10 weeks
Week Alternating types of exercises Duration in minutes
running in minutes Walking in minutes
1 1 2 21
2 2 2 20
3 3 2 20
4 5 2 21
5 6 1 20
6 8 1 18
7 10 1 23
8 12 1 21
9 15 1 21
10 20 - 20

started running - start losing weight

Such sporting activities directly affect the appearance.Spring, summer or autumn - the best time to start running, you have to start losing weight.Those wishing to lose weight is best to choose the evening time when the good fats are burned.When classes should use interval running (fast - slow).To enhance the effect, you should try to go on a healthy diet.Leave as much as possible from the sweet and starchy foods, consume a minimum of alcohol and the menu to include more vegetables and fruits.With the right approach for beginners jogging to lose weight will help get rid of the extra kilos and be in great shape.

Choosing a time to practice

This issue is still controversial.Someone can not get up early, so prefer the evening, and the other helps to cheer up just jogging in the morning.

For beginners there are a few recommendations.

First, you need to find their way in time.The best time to run - 6-7 am.Next peaking in 11-12 hours of the day.In the evening, the best time is the period from 4 to 6.

Second, listen to your body.And even better - to adjust to your daily routine."Owls" prefer the later run due to the fact that in the morning their bodies have not yet woken up, and "larks" simply can not engage in the evening, as the forces it no longer exists.

How not to throw begun

decision is made to study the program, compiled scheme runs for beginners, sports uniforms purchased.There comes the morning (evening) the first day of a new life, but ... out of the house so you do not want (not yet awake, tired at work, something to feel bad to me now once).This suggests that you motivate yourself enough.Set a goal achievable and specific tasks.Why do you run?What result do you want to achieve?And accept the fact that the first time, have to contend with their own "I", to make an effort of will to leave the house.But it happens that some trainings held at the plan, and then more and more difficult to force myself to keep running.For beginners, it is natural, the body is not accustomed to such pressures.So help yourself.Find like-minded group to run together, communicate on Internet forums and share your small achievements.During classes enjoy your favorite music, and then congratulate yourself.Start a sports diary, write down all the impressions and conclusions.After the first three or four weeks, the body adapts to the stress and there will be a sense of euphoria during and after the run.It is sure to be, believe in yourself.

We make schedule runs for beginners

Those who decided to engage seriously in his health or figure drawing will own schedule, which will be displayed weekly results.It can look like this.

approximate table run


№ week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Monday 2 3
Tuesday Recreation Recreation
Wednesday 2 3
Thursday Recreation Recreation
Friday 2 3
Saturday Recreation Recreation
Sunday 2 3
Total 6 km 9 km

And then by analogy.But if the decision to monitor the results, then this should be done systematically.

Harm or benefit?

On the Internet there are many articles claiming race is injurious to health.Is it so?Let's face it.

  • running exercises a negative impact on the knees and joints. This is true only in part.Yes, exercises such joints are subjected to heavy loads.But there is no concrete evidence to talk about the devastating effect it is running.On the contrary, as the research shows, athletes rarely observed disease of the joints.Note: Running for Beginners requires high-quality sports shoes and proper training techniques.This will protect joints from damage.

  • Morning jogging is harmful as the body enters a state of stress. Some may be so.This applies to people who later bedtimes, suffer from early rises and work better in the afternoon.For most of these indispensable attributes of the morning - coffee and cigarettes.Apparently, in their opinion, it hurts less running.But no one is forbidden to engage in the evenings and generally adapt to the characteristics of the organism.
  • running causes back pain. Discomfort appear in the wrong position of the body when excessive loads.Even malfunction arms or flexing knees can turn torn ligaments and muscles pumped.If you do not feel comfortable in the classroom, but the doctor does not have contraindications, you can spend a few lessons under the guidance of a professional instructor.
  • running a negative impact on the shape of the female breast. For many women, this "stop" signal.Nobody wants to have stretch marks and sagging skin watch.The problem is solved by using sports underwear, securely locking the chest, but do not create a feeling of tightness.
  • During jogging there is a risk to get bruises and sprains. Injuries can trap anywhere: on the steps of the stadium, in the stairwell, on the slippery ice.It's a matter of caution, and sometimes the case.To avoid such incidents during jogging will help a well-thought-out route.It is better to choose the places adapted for training.

Whatever may be said of the race, but it is a sport, and he is known to have a very positive effect on our health, mood and lifestyle.And it's certainly a great alternative to lying on the couch, eating fast food and a sedentary lifestyle.Of course, everyone decides for himself.But one can be sure exactly - choosing the sport, we choose life.