The marshals of the Russian Federation: the only stars above

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title of "Marshal of the Russian Federation" has a special place in both the military and general civil hierarchy.A person who has reached such heights, is grudging respect even from those who have a very skeptical view of the army.The experience of our country makes to treat these people with special reverence.

marshals of the Russian Federation, it is natural - people wearing the highest military rank in our country.The term itself has come to us from France, where he first stood for one of the court officials, and later revealed to us a galaxy of great military leaders since the Napoleonic conquests.

In our country the rank of "Marshal" was introduced in 1935.In accordance with the decree of the Council of People's Commissars it is awarded for outstanding achievements and gave its bearer enormous powers and deserved respect.Today marshals of the Russian Federation fully comply with both the spirit and all their inherent qualities of the predecessors, which were similar to the title of some eighty years ago.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union for a time in the office and rank arose uncertainty and anarchy.On the one hand, continued to operate all previous statutes and regulations, and on the other - the new situation required and appropriate approaches.There was another important nuance: all the marshals of the Soviet period (except the first) - people, an appreciable part of a military career, which took place at the Great Patriotic War or large local military conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century.Most of them have very impressive contribution to military theory, were big strategists and commanders of armies and military districts.

fact that the law "On compulsory military service", adopted in early 1993, present the concept of marshals of the Russian Federation, it was most likely a tribute to the traditions of the previous era of the country.Initially it was thought that the first agenda should be competent managers, that is, those people who can painlessly as possible to reform the Armed Forces, the strategists and theorists had to take a back seat.That plight, which soon proved to domestic armed forces, and does not necessarily imply a high honor as conferring supreme military ranks in the country.However, in 1997 the then Minister of Defence I. Sergeyev won the presidential decree, according to which he became proudly cited Marshal of the Russian Federation.

huge star with the emblem of the state on the shoulder straps, the oak wreath on the lapels - all the trappings of the title of "Marshal of the Russian Federation."2013, as well, and its predecessors, did not give reasons for the fact that one of the generals has been awarded this honor.Sergeev, who died in 2006, still the only one who was awarded this military rank.The marshals of the Russian Federation - the height until achievable for any existing national commander.On the other hand, it is evidence that our country has declined from active military policy.