The Crimean War: the causes and briefly posledsvy

Crimean War, a brief which will be discussed later in this article, has become a transition point for the Russian people.This is due, primarily, with its results.The people and the authorities are aware of the need for reforms in the country.Unfortunate results brightened brilliant naval victory.But first things first.

Crimean War: briefly about the reasons

As a rule, all the wars with the Ottoman Empire began because of disputes over common mode straits.The Crimean War was no exception.This fact has become the first cause of controversy erupted.The second reason was to support Russia some liberation movements that took place in Turkey.The Messenger is the fact that the Turks firmly suppressed in all senses of the word Orthodox Serbs and other nations.The third reason is the policy of the leading European powers, which was aimed at weakening the role of our country.Thus, the causes of the Crimean War, which was briefly described above, in the aggregate resulted in a large-scale bloody events.The war was already inevitable.

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Crimean War: A brief on the progress of actions

This battle was a struggle, during which a change of monarchs began to reign Nicholas I, Alexander II succeeded him.It started as well as possible for our army and navy: a grandiose victory in the Bay of Sinop Nakhimov made one of the best of our admirals.After this great success in the war on the side of the Ottoman Empire entered France and England.From that moment things have gone bad in our army: one year after the naval victory begins a long defense of Sevastopol.This year-old event sees and learns within its walls many great people: here and a famous surgeon Pirogov (who first applied the anesthesia), and the genius of our literature (Tolstoy), and great heroes (such as the sailor cat), and these commanders who costhis life fighting for the city (Nakhimov).It would seem that the outcome of the war resolved, and it obviously would not be in our favor.However, the Russian did not intend to give up.But luck will smile to them only in 1855, when the storm will take Kars.This was done in order to make life easier for those who defended Sevastopol at this time.

Crimean War: briefly about the reasons for the defeat

So, the war ended in defeat for our country.But the main thing, what were the conclusions drawn from this.Firstly, the country and the authorities have realized that the state needs an overhaul;Secondly, it became clear that on the part of Russian industry lags behind too much, and while it will not have a strong defense industry, wins can be expected;Third, it is well understood that it is now necessary to raise the country's prestige on the world stage.

Thus, the Crimean War of 1853-1856, summarizes the causes and consequences of which was described above, Alexander II helped to see that this society needs changes, radical changes are needed.Nevertheless, our country received new characters, some of which have remained at the walls protecting the city, while others have not yet made themselves known again.