Always the adaptation - a "device"?

Translated from the Latin «adaptation» or adaptation - a "tool."In biology, it is assumed that organisms adapt to the environment, and not vice versa.Socially-psychological adaptation of the person understood in two ways: as a short-term situation is getting used to the conditions of the new human groups and as a permanent process of adaptation of each person to a new social environment.In a changing world it should take an active addictive, otherwise it begins to appear as maladjustment and becomes a disturbing factor in the development of personality.

In theory, ethnography LNGumilev passionate personality adaptation to the environment is considered as a tool not only of the individual to the new conditions of existence, as the change of media personality for themselves.Passionary leaders have an increased desire for activity, a change in the ethnic group.They are most active when an ethnic group is threatened.For people with drive, adaptation - is the creation of conditions of existence for the individual, where he could maximize demonstrate their abilities and skills for the benefit of society.The objectives of the passionate man aimed at improving the living conditions of the ethnic group, so do not rule out the aggression in the form of conquest and exploration of new areas for living people.For modern passionaries more characteristic manifestation of activity in business and politics.Their professional adaptation is characterized by making changes in the team, where they begin their activities.There are changes in the structure and nature of the organization, where passionate people feel the most successful.

If the passionate man, according to Gumilev and M.I.Kovalenko is sverhadaptantom then subpassionary adapts to the new conditions of life effectively.His adaptation - it is a long process of overcoming the demands of society, adaptation to such conditions that are unsuitable for an active and fulfilling life.Only under the influence of passionate crowds subpassionariev leader able to change their lives, fulfill their purpose.Often the processes of adaptation spurred by material gain, that is,pay-per-action.Subpassionarii mercenaries may be involved in military operations or political events, for a fee.Subpassionarnost may appear in early childhood, aslow energy is innate manifestation.Such children are often sick when changing lifestyle or place of residence, and the process of getting used to kindergarten or school, runs hard, so they adapt - is a series of long and serious illness.

intermediate category of people with moderate to absorb energy from the environment, called the author of the theory of drive a harmonious personality.Their lack of activity on the organization of the family involved in the production of consumer goods, ie,to provide society with all necessary.This is the largest group of people in ethnic groups.For them, adaptation - a process of socialization, learning the rules, requirements and values ​​of the social environment.It depends on them the level of reproduction, so their health, security and the level of adaptation to the conditions of life within the existing ethnic group - the primary value.Sustainability and stability are the purpose of the existence of such people.Harmonious personality at all times disliked passionaries that this stability is broken, causing adapt to new living conditions.

Adaptation - a multifaceted concept.This adaptation of the individual to the new conditions, it is a function of personal development, and to overcome the difficulties of development, and the degree of satisfaction with their lives.