Metaphysics - a new innovative approach in the treatment of diseases

has recently become a popular method of treating diseases that begin with the search for metaphysical reasons ailments related to human behavior, his actions, attitudes towards oneself and the environment.

In order to understand the principles of this approach to the source of human problems, try to explain the very meaning of the word metaphysics .This is the branch of philosophy that deals with the answers to questions about the root causes of the universe.It is based on the task of creating a more holistic picture of the world than in modern science, which is the place of God and immortal human soul.

Throughout history, the direction is rejected as false doctrine, then bloomed again, finding its adherents among scientists.Aristotle believed that metaphysics - is the most valuable of all sciences.

Even Socrates argued that the diseases of the body does not exist separately from the ills of the soul.And his disciple Plato believed that the treatment can not be separated from one another.To the metaphysician, determining the cause of the disease - is primarily a clarification of internal sources of malaise, which often have psychological and signal a rift between the individual and the world.Search

spiritual principle applies to human problems today Psychosomatics.This is a modern approach to health, based on the synthesis of medicine and psychology who studies the impact of negative emotions and internal conflicts in the patient's appearance and for physical ailments.

The psychosomatic studies are links between the features of the individual style of his behavior and disease.This approach is similar to alternative medicine, which is based on the theory that the source of all ills are experiences, stress and negative mental images that accumulate in the subconscious. can say that the metaphysics of illness - a spiritual experience, as reflected in the human body.

According to experts, cause of alcoholism is often a sense of worthlessness and guilt.The source of the addiction is the loss of meaning in life, inability to adapt to society and social environment.Allergies can occur as a reaction to an intolerable situation for the person that the person is unable to resolve.Beginning provoking kidney disease, is considered to be the unwillingness to live, suicidal thoughts, love of self-criticism and disappointment in others.According to some scholars, the origin of the stigmata is a psychosomatic nature and due to the fact that the individual begins to identify with Christ and his crucifixion is experiencing emotionally.

metaphysics in alternative medicine - is a broader concept than in a scientific way.Among the healers there is a theory that man is part of a larger organism possessing consciousness - the universe - and the source of his sickness is seen as a consequence of wrong actions and thoughts that are contrary to the laws of the universe.

This attitude to health consonant with the Tibetan medicine, physicians who treat the body only with the internal causes of disease.

The new approach to the disease, which is considered the basis of a stressful situation, a negative pessimistic perception of reality and an inability to adapt to it, it becomes clear that the path to recovery is through love and achieve harmony with the world.In this sense, metaphysics - it logotherapy, leading the patient to answer the eternal questions about the purpose and meaning of existence of the individual.

Today, new treatments are being studied intensively by scientists conducted research and testing patients classified cases and developed diagnostic methods.