Letter from a teacher of Russian language students' parents

Dear parents Vasey Udodova!

Please draw your attention to the composition of your son, "As I understand Russian proverbs and sayings."Interpretation of some idioms of the great Russian language your son, as well as possession of speech - is my sincere bewilderment.

For example, in the first paragraph of his work, Vasily writes: "pelotka of cars - pepelats flies" (I deliberately save spelling and punctuation Basil, so you can better understand the fruit of his work).To return to the proverb.Being a fan of creativity G. Danelia, I certainly know what pepelats.But what an army headdress is a proverb: "A woman with a cart - mare easier" to me personally - is unclear.

Further, the plan works Basil had interpreted his words, saying, "On the thief and the cap off."The text of the works of Basil only one strange phrase - "Achtung on kammenty seen."This is doubly incomprehensible because the class teacher told me that Vasily learn English, not German.

And the meaning of the proverb "Do not have a hundred clones have a hundred kammenty, and then another, and clones otymey" eludes all our teachers' team.Our gym teacher - Moses Romualdovich Zhemaldo explained to me that "clone" is a Western fiction series characters, but, dear parents, we, the teaching staff of the school N185, try to raise our generation in the age-old Russian spiritual values.

on thematic plan approved, by the way, the letter of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation No. 185-bis, the following proverb, about which students had to write - was supposed to be "in the garden - elder, and in Kiev - uncle."Absolutely not understand why your son was limited to a brief "In the garden - bumps."Next is the postscript in the fields by hand of your son, "To Khokhlov-gazosrach not to breed."

on the above plan, the Ministry of Education once a byword for consideration should have been "full belly - to the teachings of the deaf".Your son is again confined to a brief phrase "Gago Dunduk, are you?"Of course, we are trying to develop in our children the desire for concise statements.But not that much.

In addition, please pay attention to the use of your son numerals."Seven s Teasing F5".Intuition tells me that this is a retelling of the proverb, "Seven of not waiting," but on the other hand it could be a statement of the proverb "Measure twice - cut once."

ends here.Once again, I urge to draw your attention to the education of your son.

Regards.Russian language and literature Isolde Albertovna Shperts.

P.S.Would you be so kind as to come to the school and explain the physical education teacher Moses Romualdovich Zhemaldo meaning of the proverb "Tambov Piedra Kandrad your comrade."

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