How to cook pancakes liver?

The liver is valuable, and accordingly, and meals out of it?Everyone knows that the liver is involved in hematopoiesis and especially recommended for people with reduced hemoglobin.But even if your hemoglobin is always normal, the use of liver dishes will maintain its adequate level.

there are many quite easy to prepare dishes from this valuable food product and one of them - the pancakes from the liver.Cooking can be beef, from porcine liver, and the liver of the poultry.My personal taste is pancakes beef liver.

What else are good liver pancakes - it's the fact that they are all in the teeth: the kiddies small and old men toothless, which is sometimes difficult to chew pretty tough liver if its just fry in a frying pan and, God forbid, a little bitoverexpose.And pancakes definitely not miss it - get all the air, and even those who are not fan of the liver in the form of oladushek eat it with great pleasure.

If you do not know how to cook pancakes liver, happy to share the recipe.

So, take a pound of beef liver 1 slightly larger than a medium-sized onion, 1 egg, about one and a half tablespoons of flour (or 2 full dessert), a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, salt and black pepper to taste.

First you need to properly soak in cold water acquired by the liver - it will take at least 15 minutes, but can be longer in the water to hold to left blood (in any case, some of the blood in the piece will remain, but most ofnevertheless leave).

After time, water from the crockery, which is the liver, drain, rinse again with the liver in clean water, put in a colander to excess water is gone, and then cut into smaller pieces, removing in the process occurring veining,and skip through the meat grinder.It will turn mushy minced raw liver.

With onions can proceed in two ways.In the first case - clean and onion, very finely chopped, fry in a pan with vegetable oil - the main thing not to overcook the onions in any case, only to bring up a slightly golden color.Or you can fry the onion is not, and miss in its raw form through a meat grinder together with the liver immediately.

Then drive in the pulp of the liver and onions raw egg, flour, salt and pepper, add the baking soda and mix well - stuffing is ready.

Fry fritters from the liver is necessary as most conventional pancakes, laying on a hot pan with vegetable oil tablespoon.Fried fritters are very fast - only manage to turn.Perederzhivat a pan is not necessary, the liver in general should not be long to keep the fire, as then it turns harsh, although in the case of pancakes is not so noticeable.

There is another option instead of flour to add semolina, soaked in milk or a quarter cup of water with a small amount of sour cream (about half an hour to soak until the liver to soak in water).With semolina pancakes gets a little looser and more delicate in form cooled down.They can be eaten later, even warming up (in the same order and fry the pancakes better than animal fats and vegetable oil that the curable fat is not spoil the taste qualities of the finished product).

Hot cakes from the liver is well served with sour cream and cooled can easily pass for a sandwich option - instead of sausage on a slice of bread.

And if you want more oladushek ready, you can cook liver pancakes with rice.The recipe is the same, but instead of flour or semolina, should be added to the liquid minced liver boiled until cooked rice.Too much should not be put rice, enough to pound a third cup of the liver (liver if you take more, expect something like that rice should be no more than a third of the total amount of your stuffing).

combination of liver and rice, too, turns out very tasty, but in this case it is preferable to add minced onion in not soggy and browned.

Try it - will not be disappointed!Good health and good appetite!