I'm afraid to give birth

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Many women experience panic fear of a natural process such as childbirth.They honestly believe the rumors that give birth - is wildly painful that a pregnant woman is unattractive, and after giving birth, she is like a cash cow.Let's try to convince you otherwise.

Myth №1: childbirth - hellfire

I will not say that the bear did not hurt: this is not true, but you can tolerate.And after a few hours you will be able to drink tea and ringing telephone all in a row, telling you how wonderful kid, and you character.

can advance to try to alleviate the suffering, for example, go on courses for pregnant women, where you will learn to breathe, a dog and make intricate poses.But as practice shows, the most crucial moment, many women can not even remember how to look aunt instructor.

Well, if you are very afraid and believe that would not suffer, do the epidural.Thrust into the spine - and no pain.During fights, you can peacefully lie down and flipping magazine (she saw).But there are lots of epidural contraindications and adverse effects.

Myth №2: Pregnant woman is ugly

It lies and nonsense.A pregnant woman is beautiful special beauty, it looks like something soulfully and blissful smile never left his face.

main thing is not to believe tales that pregnant women can not be cut, painted nails and hair, use cosmetics, or is not surprising that nine months later you will become similar to Kikimora.

And for a man (if he is not a fool) woman wearing his child, it seems Madonna and becomes much sexier.Especially since the sex (if there are no serious complications) can be engaged and even necessary.Myth №3: the figure will never be the same

Will, and even better if your baby will not seven nurses in the face of two grandmothers, two grandfathers, sisters, her husband's brother's wife and her friends, who will lay you down on a bedfeatherbeds and will be fed with a spoon (supposedly a nursing mother needs rest and good food).

Will also look after the child themselves - wash, do not sleep at night, to carry the stroller up the stairs, a diet for nursing mothers - "blow away" just a couple of months.Myth №4: breasts lose shape

If you feed the baby to kindergarten age, your breasts do become like the ears Cocker.A few months of breastfeeding is sufficient to give to the child the necessary vitamins and not feel pangs of conscience at the same time.

Do not forget to wear a nursing bra to keep the chest in the form and do not allow the skin to stretch, do simple exercises like push-ups or wall, lift the dumbbells.