How to get rid of blackheads on your face

Black dots appear on the face of the multitude of people, and this is natural.Moreover, there is no difference, it's a man or a woman.And age does not play a role here.This, of course, not as spoils appearance, like acne, but still quite unpleasant.And now the idea of ​​how to get rid of blackheads on your face, tormenting you, pursue, turns into obsession.

If you call them in a scientific way, it is - comedones.They appear because the sebaceous glands become clogged with sebum, dead skin particles and dust.For this reason, the pores become dark, and before our eyes appear black spots.Basically, they occur in very oily and the face.This so-called T-zone (nose, forehead, chin).

How to get rid of blackheads on your face

clean the face of comedones can be in many ways, one of which is a regular visit to the doctor-cosmetologist for the purpose of mechanical cleaning of the face.But this method is not available to everyone.For many, it will seem too expensive, so consider other options.

To begin with, it is possible to prevent the appearance of comedones.Here's how:

- firstly, the need to ensure proper care of the skin;it must be sufficiently well cleaned every morning and every evening;In no case did not go to bed without first clearing the skin, especially if it is oily;

- secondly, it is desirable to make cleansing facial masks, at least two times a week;Also shown and peeling;

- you should try to eat right, nutrition should be balanced;

- use makeup to gently correct picking it and making sure its quality.

How to get rid of blackheads on your face at home?

Getting home is as follows: good steamed face, then gently squeezing the black dots.

But this method has many disadvantages:

- firstly, you can easily make the infection, and as a consequence - the black dots will be more and worse - can appear spots;

- secondly, you can dry up the skin;it is not necessary to do it, and people who have enlarged blood vessels;

Despite all the warnings, many continue to practice home cleansing facial skin.If you're still going to get rid of blackheads at home, here are some guidelines that can help you in this difficult matter:

- to steam your face, use a steam bath, which is a container filled with boiling water, with the addition ofherbal decoction and spoons of salt;

- no need to stoop very low, so as not to burn your face;

- steaming lasts ten to fifteen minutes;

- hands and nails should be sterile, and even better - wrapped in a sterile cloth;

- a special force used here is not, as a rule, in good Steaming comedones crawl out under slight pressure;

- when the process of squeezing the back, do not forget to disinfect the skin lotion;

- continue to apply the mask to pull the skin, narrow pores;

- does not hurt to wipe the skin with ice cubes;

- at the end apply a nourishing cream on the face.

How to get rid of blackheads on your face, using folk remedies?

We will do a face mask:

- taken the egg white and mix with a spoon of sugar thoroughly until sugar is dissolved, and only then applied to the face;

- egg white mix with two teaspoons of lemon juice, add the same amount of juice aloe, stir well and put on the face problem area;

- take oatmeal, it will be enough of one tablespoon, a little soda, a few drops of boric acid, dilute pulp yogurt and put on your face;

- white clay diluted with water, the resulting slurry is smeared across his face.

If you follow these tips, you do not have to think about how to get rid of blackheads on your face.After all, sometimes the issue becomes so acute that prevents live.Ugly looks from the outside face, spoiled by the presence of some comedones.Therefore, take care of themselves and be beautiful!Let notorious black spots do not overshadow your mood!