The famous cigarette "Flor Herzegovina" and why they are named

Smoking is definitely harmful.This prevents bad habit and most of its adherents, and the people around him.However, many people suffer from uncontrollable craving for absorption of tobacco smoke, get rid of that pretty hard.Some are attempting to quit smoking, and in the future on the basis of the experience say, like Mark Twain, it is quite easy, and they themselves were doing it repeatedly.

tobacco industry - an integral part of the food industry and the agricultural sector in many countries.Manufacturers usually cherished brands known to consumers for decades.One of them, "Flor Herzegovina", was born in Czarist Russia, has survived the revolution, two world wars, the era of Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, has three general secretaries, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and still exists today.Its history is closely linked to a chronicle of the whole country.

Factory Gabay

This story could be an illustration of the theory of the enormous opportunities offered by the capitalist free enterprise.After the war with Turkey, enriched by a new Russian ethnic group, namely the Karaite people, whose members have traditionally engaged in the sale of tobacco.Krymchanin Samuel Gabai, having secured financial support from the Kharkov merchant Abraham Capone, created in the second half of the XIX century in Moscow the company.In a typical mediation this energetic man did not stop, and invested profits in the development of their offspring.The cigarettes while in Russia only became fashionable, and in 1883 Gabay started their production.To compete needed some commercial "trick" and host of "Partnership tobacco factory S. Gabay" found her.He began to deliver fragrance raw materials with exotic Indonesian island of Java.Products delicate flavor is really different, and it's gone.By the beginning of the new century, Samuel Gabai was already the owner of two production buildings, he changed the brand, naming it in honor of its most popular cigarettes "Java".It seemed that the commercial success achieved, we can rest on our laurels.

But the capitalist system requires constant development, and at the beginning of the second decade of the XX century in the range of "Java", a new product - cigarettes "Flor Herzegovina."

Sweet snuff

As is the case with "Java", Samuel Gabay made the right marketing approach.He called a new brand of cigarettes after the area of ​​origin of tobacco, which he stuffed their products.But in this case the brand is not only consistent with the geographical location of raw plantations.In the Balkans, namely in Herzegovina, growing special aromatic variety with a rich bouquet (if any at all possible to speak in relation to the suffocating smoke).In fact, brand consistent botanical names of plants Herzegovina Flor (Flower Herzegovina), and today the seeds of tobacco are presented in the profile market.Anyone can buy them and try to grow up on his summer cottage a home-grown tobacco.It should, however, take into account the peculiarities of climate and soil, otherwise it would have been very easy.In Russia, there is only befitting conditions in the Krasnodar region, where pleasure and Virgin grow varieties.

New Times

In 1917, events occurred, after which the marketing research for a long time have lost all meaning.However, to replace a severe military communism, in the end, it was a relief in the form of the New Economic Policy.In the twenties there was even the need for advertising, and the great proletarian poet and part-time writer and voiced slogans Vladimir Mayakovsky even dedicated a cigarette "Flor Herzegovina" a couple of his brilliant words, rhyming with the name TM motto "give the odds."In that sense, it is far from the rest of them.It is possible that he smoked the brand.

about cigarettes all

During hard times, which is so rich in history of our country of the XX century, tobacco products in the majority became a deficit.Relative exception was shag, part of a soldier's rations.Cigarettes "Belomorkanal" considered a class lower than the "Troika" or "Herzegovina Flor" tobacco was simpler, and pack much more modest, but also the products of the Soviet nemudrenyh the food during the war, it was not available to all.Distinguish and quality of cigarettes produced in accordance with GOST in many factories of the USSR.For example, Leningrad "White Sea" was considered the best in the country, made famous in Odessa "Salve" with a cotton filter in the mouthpiece (too old regime mark).In the early postwar years, some kinds of tobacco products were considered an elite product, they are even sold in Torgsin.

After the victory of the German reparations were exported equipment for the production of oval cigarettes without filter, some of which are released today ("Flight", "Nord", "North" surf "," Prima "in Ukraine" Vatra ""Priluki", etc.).They were supposed to smoke through a mouthpiece, but it can be so, but often have to spit tobacco shreds.But the majority of high-ranking party officials preferred, in imitation of the leader, cigarettes "Flor Herzegovina."Cigarettes massively captured Soviet tobacco market later, when they added a filter.

What Stalin smoked

With a light hand of Soviet filmmakers in the mass consciousness has taken root pattern: Stalin opens a pack of cigarettes "Flor Herzegovina", gets one, crushes sleeve and spill over tobacco fills his pipe.Maybe a couple of times he did so, but probably not often.The fact that tobacco pipes need special, large cuts, or else it will burn very quickly, or soon will be extinguished.The Soviet leader had the opportunity to smoke tobacco of any kind (for example, "Prince Albert" or "Edgeworth") and invent something to him there was no need.And he smoked a cigarette, and so the most common way Chronicle has brought to his contemporaries, these historic moments.It should be noted that the special workshops, producing products for the Kremlin, then almost did not have another thing that made the purchase of a special department of the government's protection.But the fact that "Flor Herzegovina" were favorite cigarettes Stalin's really true.

«Herzegovina" today

This famous (mainly due to the film about Stalin) brand cigarettes could just sink into oblivion.Produced at "Morshansk Tobacco Factory" Modern products are characterized by very good quality, but in terms of the formulation have little in common with the prototype.Balkan tobacco are not supplied, use other varieties pleasant for smokers, but the flavor, according to experts, is not the same.Under this brand produced and conventional filter cigarettes, but this innovation somehow did not stick.