Occupation: hotel service

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Hotel service - specialty pretty young, but very popular due to the fact that we live in an age where the service sector dominates agriculture and science.Over the past ten years has increased significantly the number of graduates, one way or another connected with sales and services in various sectors.Managers, marketing specialists, travel agents - they are all to some extent considered staff.Specialists in hotel service and are directly related to the maintenance and organization.

graduate high school or college with a degree in "hotel service" has the right to work in hotels.His expertise includes the reception, their service in the restaurant room or on the reception.Besides, the hotel service professionals who are qualified, engaged in marketing and accounting companies, and coordinate sales projects.They are responsible for organizing and carrying out certain activities, they work directly with clients and Directorate.Successful specialist hotel service can reach greater heights in the work and not just to get a seat on the board of directors of the company, but also on their own to do hotel business.

Hotel service - a specialty not so small-section as it may seem at first glance.Graduates who received the profession, has good organizational, business and accounting skills that can be applied to any job, whether it is a hotel or any other business related to customer service.

future specialists instill skills of communication and interaction with people, teach the basics of economic business, instill the basics of geography, accounting, psychology, office, advertising, etc.Also, such a trade as a "hotel service and tourism" is famous for the fact that it actively studied languages, thanks to the knowledge that the graduates are opened many doors.A student who knows foreign languages, business economics and office management, can successfully establish itself in any company of the international level.Every company needs people who are able to not only communicate, but also to give their work completely and the beloved.

usually work the students specialty "hotel service" begins at the third or fourth year.In summer, the young people have the opportunity to test himself in the role of guides, animators, promoters and guides, which are needed not only in Russia but also abroad.Students who distinguished themselves with their knowledge and skills, training and sent to work in America and Europe.Vaccinate young socialists and love for the country, because it is now in need of domestic tourism development.

As in any other field, in the stands to get the most out of what can give university teachers and actively apply their knowledge to work.As practice shows, knowledge of college students are not inferior to the skills of university professionals, so do not despair if you have not received higher education in a prestigious university.

Many students care for what the salary you can expect in the future, because the specialty "hotel service" is quite young and many had to rise quickly through the ranks.According to the statistics, we can conclude that middle managers involved in visa applications and customer service, earning 8 to 15 thousand in the province, and from 15 to 25 thousand in the capital.Experienced workers who know foreign languages, making a career in the major companies that are paid in the amount of 30-35 thousand rubles.Administrators of hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg are earning between 800 and 1,500 dollars.