Minutes of the meeting - make out properly

Minutes of the meeting - a document reflecting the information about the matters discussed at the meeting and the decisions taken.It refers to the organizational and administrative documentation.The information entered in the minutes of the meeting secretary or other authorized person on the basis of the recorder or manual recording.Prior to the meeting should be prepared all necessary documents: agenda, list of participants, presentations and draft possible solutions.

Minutes of the meeting of the commission or other authority may be published in full or summary form.The latter does not include the discussion of the issues involved and captures only the decisions taken.

protocol in full uniform usually consists of two parts - an introductory and basic.Introduction contains the names (and initials) of the presiding officer, a secretary and participants, as well as the persons present.If the number of participants more than 15, reference is made to compulsory full list of names.If present belong to di

fferent authorities, for each specified position and place of work.

In addition, in the introductory part should always be indicated agenda with a list of questions in order of importance, and the indication of names of speakers on each item.

Minutes of the meeting in its main part is divided into sections according to the agenda.The text of each of the points, as a rule, is based on the short circuit:

- Hearing: Name.

- Resolved (or decide): Name.

Summary of each performance is entered in the text of the protocol or attached as a separate material (in this case the text of the protocol, a note with a reference).In the case of a vote given its results.The minutes have to be made on each item taken a decision.

Minutes of the meeting shall be signed by the chairman and the secretary.The date of the Protocol shall be the date of the meeting or meetings.Each protocol is given separately for the serial number of the appropriate protocol group, if necessary with the letter code.Numbering is carried on the rise throughout the year.

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors has its own characteristics.General requirements in this document are provided in the text of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" (Article 68).In addition, if the board of directors at the meeting adopts a resolution to issue shares (securities), according to the Russian Federation approved the Standards of securities issue the protocol of such a meeting should reflect the results of roll-call vote of all members of the board.This is a basic regulatory requirements for protocol.

In practice, the design of such protocols can vary greatly according to the process of drawing up and detail.Some protocols correspond to the transcript of the meeting with a detailed reflection of all replicas and ask questions.The requirement to conduct such a protocol is usually fixed in position on the Board of Directors.

other extreme - extremely brief minutes of the meeting, including only information about the participants, the agenda, the wording of the questions raised and decisions.

The best option is usually a cross.Overly detailed protocol is typically based on the record of the meeting.When deciphering it possible inaccuracies that distort the sense of the issues involved.Also do not forget that the right to be acquainted with the minutes of the meeting has any shareholder.When discussing business issues detailed protocol can fix a lot of information being a commercial secret.

On the other hand, excessive shortness protocol can induce ordinary shareholders on the idea of ​​a formal approach and the lack of effectiveness of the Board of Directors.It is desirable for each question indicate the initiators and participants of the discussion, the summary performances, and the authors are asked questions.This approach, among other things, provides more effective to estimate the contribution of each participant.