Several ways to raise their own enthusiasm

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man can not always work with the same enthusiasm.Unpleasant episodes when you get up in the morning with the feeling that the internal factory ended happen each.But sometimes performance drops so that it becomes a problem.On how to deal with such ailments ...

designers of "Informpechat" Yaroslav White bad day in the morning: burned eggs, jams, then-sho ... After such an inspiring start to the day to take up the new hard order hand simply did not rise
At the White designer for internal winding method of waste there.Arriving at work, he sits comfortably in a chair, put on headphones and includes a song of Doors "Light My Fire".Such a process - at the right time "to light a fire" - remained with him since university times."It's been a time when you have to constantly push yourself to do something that does not want to", - says Yaroslav White.He believes that everyone has their own method of increasing efficiency, but not all are aware of this.Jaroslav Volgograd remembered his friend who, to gain the necessary energy, begins to very loud roar."Colleagues at first scared. Now, my friend was the boss, and they growl whole department," - he laughs

Psychologists believe these psychological problems serious."The state, when discouraged - this is a signal that there are outstanding issues, - says CEO Advisory company" MM-class "Marina Melia. - This is a very serious problem. It is relevant to the cleaners, and for the owner of the company. Inour work with people, often very successful and wealthy, I am faced with complaints, just feet do not carry to work and have no strength "

For sales managers, whose work is often associated with negative emotions and requires constant internal settings, a similar problem a littleDo not occupational disease."Mark and call the person to whom to me, in principle, does not need anything - a lot of stress, especially for a man unprepared," - says the project manager Calvin Klein Jeans company "Enrof" Michael Landyshev, who began his career as a sales manager.Deputy General Director of "Vertex" Vladimir Isayev said in jest that in such moments generally prefers not to go to work.And seriously he adds that the work in this state anyway to anything good does not."It does not depend on whether enough sleep or not. When there is a communication by telephone, people read your condition. If the mood outside, then plus it does not add, - said Isayev. - Forcing yourself in such moments can be, but I have a lot of timeconvinced that it is meaningless "

very effective in such cases, experts say, recall of past victories and think about the end result.Auditory training are generally very effective thing.For example, Salvador Dali made to feel just a great man.Every day, he began with the same words: "What else do today will make this genius?""Of course, it is very difficult to force myself to pick up the phone if a few times you Naham, - said the head coaching center Andrew Marusov. - In this case, I advise you to remember the statistics, which states that every 15 minutes a person buys what he is offered.There is a choice: to call up the 5th and throw or every negative answer with joy to feel himself approaching the 15th "

Another tip - take time out and reflect on the causes of what is happening."How long have you it will take - hour, two hours or an entire day - not important - said Marina Melia. - The main thing - to change the situation, a break from routine, think about the reasons for your state, look at the situation from the outside. Then you will understand,what strength is not enough and what a headache. And if you see in front of a blank wall of unresolved problems and do not know where to begin, start with the little things. I jokingly call it "method of Swiss cheese." Scroll through the holes in the blank wall, t. e. do something concrete so that the result is visible immediately. Do not attempt to find the main unit and pull out the whole chain. "And then, in her view, the important issues are solved by inertia

Take the day off.However, the possibility is not always so, if it is, use it correctly: you can lain all day on the couch, staring at the TV, but the problem will not disappear from this.Try to find the causes of your condition
Sign a "vest".Nothing helps to believe in themselves, as support for the other person, you can complain.Sometimes it say own problem with someone from the family to understand its causes

invented a support structure."It could be a book, some thing, the gym, where you go after work", - says Andrey Marusov.Director of the Yekaterinburg company "MECHTRANS" Alex Galimov helped find a support structure to one of its own employees."Excellent Worker and efficiency at some point fell - says Galimov. - It turns out that he is a big sports fan. I let him Friday everyone to gather for a game of soccer on the condition that during the week he flawlessly performs his duties"

Surround yourself with stimulating things.Around there should be nothing depressing.Things are on the table, posters on the wall in front of you, desktop wallpaper on your computer should be encouraged to work.These challenging things can be, for example, reminiscent of your personal achievements diploma nameplate or medal "Best ubaltyvatelyu advertisers"
"I know that my biggest problem - it's low self-esteem - says adman company" Effect Plus "Sofia Bashaev. - Sometimes doing something - like no one scolds. But do not praise. You begin to suspect themselves in insolvency, do nothing do not want to. But I noticed that at such moments I start to remember all the praise leadership in the address, take out alllaudatory letters. The idea that it's all for a reason and not by accident, help me "

Increase adrenaline."I had such an employee who started work well after another beating, - says Mikhail Landyshev. - The first time it was honored scandal with the threat of dismissal. The man then two months he worked with pleasure and stunning results."Indeed, there are those that increase the adrenaline reprimand from management.But with such stressful stimulants should be treated very carefully: in some cases it can be very effective, but it is important not to offend people.If it stimulates you, then, without waiting for a thunderstorm from the leadership, remember that the last time your internal problems almost cost you the job

Yulia Vasilyeva

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