"Interesting palmistry" for men: nails girlfriend reveal secrets

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said that a lady can always find her marigolds: "They have it always in brilliant condition, but she never puts them on display."Today, so many options for manicure, from classic French to unimaginable nail art that put nails on display is possible and necessary.In addition, the shape of the nail and nail polish selection can tell a lot about their owner.

So, nails, shaped like squares, say quite the closed nature.Such a person is very difficult to convince something, it will never take your word - recheck, ponder, and if your words do not contradict logic and facts, to believe you.People with such nails should not be criticized.Typically, self-esteem have a bit exaggerated, but they are characterized by symptoms of self-flagellation.These people will never feel sorry for yourself.And the other is also unlikely.

Manicure girls with this form can be a wide variety of nails, so you should definitely look at what the tone of the varnish applied to the nails.If the color is bright, aggressive colors (red, bright yellow, orange or purple), this girl does not forgive you, even the most minor promashek.If the quiet colors selected, then you are unlikely to reach the hearts of the ladies from the first minutes, days or even months of dating.French manicure on nails such form says that before you - brave, ready to experiment woman.

Well, if you, for example, met a woman, whose nails spadeform, the romance of it is not worth waiting: before you pragmatic and prudent woman in the best sense of the word.Bright lacquer of nails indicates that a person sets clear defined goals and is ready to follow them, not in spite of everything, they say, "going over the head."Varnish pastel shades, even if it uses intricate pattern and all kinds of jewelry and accessories, said the lack of imagination in love.Such a woman will be indispensable in an orderly family life with public life of.But rough sex in the most unexpected places, you do not wait on her.As for the French manicure nails on the shovel, then its owner knows what she wants in fact.Moreover, she knows how to get it right and use.Such girls to rely on their own experience or the experience of the loved ones.

If you met a girl having nails shaped like a rectangle, then before you a man who used to live on a "Why not?".You will easily be able to convince a girl to take part in the experiment.Unless, of course, have time, because this person will soon take over your leadership and lead the love and most likely for life.All this is extremely precisely matches if quadrangular nails decorated with soothing colors and a manicure picture.But if your nails with the dyed bright red lacquer, then be prepared for the fact that behind the facade of self-confident woman lies little insecure girl, needs a strong shoulder.

deserve special attention of a woman with a pointed shape nails.These nails usually have artistic nature, dreamer and romantic initiative.With a girl you do not get bored in the company.But while it is changeable as the sea wave, a single case does not lead to the end and can evaporate out of your sight at any time.All these characteristics are amplified by half, if the nails of a woman french manicure.If the nails pale pink, with a minimum of decorations and drawings, and almost opaque, before you double nature, hiding his impetuous impulses behind the mask of power.Bright lacquer of nails can be seen except in adolescent girls or those who for various reasons was delayed for a short time at this age.But if you still pointed nails on your girl is bright varnish, then be prepared for the role of a father in her life.

Girls with round nails - the personification of the mother archetype.Next to such a woman a man feels comfortable, quiet, warm and delicious.Very often the owner of this form of nails are or would like to have long hair and discreet makeup.If the girl round nails painted in trendy colors or aggressive, it means that it is not satisfied with a steady flow of her life and want some changes.Pastel colors in nail polish will show you that your new friend - an open book.She does not hide anything from you and is not going to do that.A French manicure is a signal that in front of you is a rare synthesis of simplicity and sophistication, which men so often try to find a woman, and very rarely do find.

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