How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse in order to achieve excellent crop?

Vyseivaya seeds of tomato seedlings or buying it ready, gardeners dream to gather a good harvest.Care tomatoes - is not easy.To achieve high yields help Galicia.Responsible approach to the case at the stage of selection of seeds.High temperatures inside the greenhouse in the daytime cause the development of diseases and the emergence of pests.So you should pay attention to disease-resistant hybrid varieties.Tomatoes with limited growth ripen within 3-4 months, which is great for greenhouse conditions.With each plant can have time to gather up to 14 brushes.Varieties with unlimited growth requires more time to maturity, they should be planted in early May.Many plants may not survive the possible frost.
Before you decide on how to care for the tomatoes in the greenhouse, you must decide where it will be installed.It depends on the speed of ripening.Choose a site that is free of trees and shrubs, and place it in the direction of the greenhouse from east to west.In this case, the plant will receive the maximum amount of light and heat.Avoid installing greenhouses on the ground, where last year grew potatoes, because it has the same disease as the tomatoes.

How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse?First of all take care of temperature 32-33 ° C, low humidity and ventilation for seedlings.At night, the thermometer should not fall below 15 ° C.And if the temperature reaches 6-8 ° C, the plants will get sick.With humidity over 70% and the index of the thermometer 35 ° C self-pollinated tomatoes, which is harmful to the crop.For ventilation around the perimeter of the greenhouse and the roof makes the window.The humidity level is controlled by constantly open small vent at the top of the ends of the building.It is useful to hold large barrels of water in the greenhouse.During the day they will collect excess heat and release it at night and warm water can water the plants.

How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse immediately after landing?Tie the plant to a wire trellis.To do this, type in metal tubes every 2-2.5 m and tighten them 4-5 rows of wire, to which are attached, and tomatoes as they grow.Plant seedlings in wet wells, and do not water for 1-2 weeks, especially if the weather is cool.Tomatoes do not need a lot of water until zavyazhutsya first fruits, enough to land in the wells did not dry up.

How to care for tomatoes in the greenhouse, when they laid the fruit?Watering in sufficient quantities.With a lack of moisture can rot apex, and with an excess - the roots to die off.Water the tomatoes at the root, because if water gets on the leaves of plants will be hurt.

How to care for tomatoes, they are likely to mature?It is necessary to deal with the formation of the bushes.For this pinch plant tops at the desired height, the side shoots removed, preventing leaves and limit the number of fruits.The stem may break off under increasing load of ripening tomatoes, so the stem is necessary to fix the time.

implementation of these simple rules will necessarily lead to a plentiful harvest.