The role of the course 'Mathematical Analysis' in the senior school

One of the key subjects studied in senior high school is algebra and analysis.This course is taught in grades 10-11 on the three possible levels: profile training, in-depth study, basic course.In addition, there are schools with integrated lectures on the basics of higher mathematics Olympiad, and training courses.

However, be that as it may, any of the above profiles assumes the study section "Mathematical Analysis", which is fundamental for those students who wish to continue their studies in higher and secondary vocational schools for engineering, medical, economic directions.In addition, the mathematical analysis of the exam is included in the job, but because knowledge of this section is one of the important components for a successful exam in mathematics.

Home study course begins with the components included in the "Introduction to the Mathematical Analysis": derivatives of the function and its properties.Here, students learn about the concept of derivative, learn to take basic derivatives on the basic formulas and rules.It is worth noting that prior to the introduction of the concept of derivative, some teaching materials meant to familiarize students with the primary term limit for the course "Mathematical Analysis".Limits are studied as a basic element, without going into details of the concept of input (which will be given in a course of higher mathematics college or university).In the study of communication and the derivative function it is very important to pay attention to the relationship charts, learn to understand the relationship of these concepts, asit will be necessary for the successful development of the subsequent material.

Mathematical analysis in grade 10 stops on the concept of derivative, and followed the course of the theory of probability and mathematical statistics.Return to the limits and derivatives takes place in the first half of the 11th grade, when introducing new concepts - the primitive function, definite and indefinite integral.To date, mathematical analysis of the material studied in the final year of school, not included in the measurement and control materials exam, but acquaintance with these concepts is very important for the formation of mathematical culture of students and prepare them for the study of higher mathematics course in other educational institutions.

Considering the position of the basic course of mathematical analysis in the school, it should be noted that the authors of modern courses of algebra and analysis start senior very well it is located.Indeed, the beginning of the study of algebra in grade 10 is associated with the concepts of trigonometry, a repetition of the basic concepts and functions.Next, the second half is devoted to the limits and derivatives, which received prior knowledge expanding and deepening due to the introduction of the concept of the object "a similar nature" that accompanies each function in mathematics.In 11 class takes consideration of the mechanism of bilateral relationships and derivative function, integral, introduces neberuschimsya, iederivative for which it is impossible to write a primitive, based on modern concepts of mathematics.Students are not reported as such integrals are taken - for that, there are special courses of high school, but for the formation of the picture to focus attention on this aspect is very important.

Course "Mathematical Analysis" in high school - an important and basic course, which, in fact, most of the time given to teaching of algebra in grades 10-11.Therefore, it is important that the students from the beginning to understand the importance of this section for mathematics and life, can operate the basic terms and formulas, know how to apply their knowledge in practice.