Analysis of the school - one of the means of improving the educational process

school activities are always focused on the implementation of any specific goals and objectives of training and education, to obtain concrete results of the pedagogical process.It is impossible to imagine a school that did not think of how the day will be tomorrow for the school community, what will increase its graduates, ieSchool has always based its work on the basis of planning.
A plan usually always starts with the definition of goals and objectives of the school and to gather information on the possibility of achieving them.But it can not do without an analysis of the last stage, without identifying the various achievements and shortcomings.Therefore, one of the most important means of improving the effectiveness of each event held at the school or improving the entire educational process is to analyze the work of the school.Helping to identify the causes of shortcomings, it is the basis for further improvement of process management training and education.
Properly conducted by analysis of school - is to identify high or low, positive or negative results, identify the causes that have led to success or failure, is to identify ways of further development of the school or the elimination of deficiencies in the work.The efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of the school management is largely dependent on how the head has a pedagogical method of analysis, as it is able to explore the established facts as accurately identifies the most characteristic dependence.

ability to analyze - a daily primary task of every manager of the school, but it is especially important at the end of the school year.
What kinds of pedagogical analysis of school?Depending on what is analyzed and what is its purpose, you can select the feature, thematic and outcome analysis.
Parametric analysis - the study of the daily information on how the educational process, its results and finding the reasons that violate it.The subject of this type of analysis is the study of the subject, current progress, attendance, observance of schedule, the sanitary condition of school, and more.In this type of analysis is not the head of just stating a fact, and compares them, summarizes, looking for causes and consequences of forecasts.The result of parametric analysis are usually solutions that need to quickly perform.
the study of dependencies that are constant or frequently, used thematic analysis of the school.The content of this analysis, there is a systematic approach to the study of the educational and training process.The subject is usually a system of lessons of educational activities.As a result, thematic analysis manager can get the most complete picture of the work of the teacher, the class teacher, the whole team.The subject of this analysis may be, for example, improving students' knowledge;Formation of pedagogical culture of the teacher;pedkollektiva activities on any one direction;system of work of the class teacher to educate students of moral concepts, etc.

Thematic analysis allows the head of the school or his deputy, to study and identify the characteristics of individual aspects of the pedagogical process and their interactions.In the thematic analysis headmaster prepares the contents of the final analysis of the work.
This type of analysis covers a sufficiently long time, meaningful and spatial framework of the institution.Usually it is held at the end of each stage of the school year.General information for the final analysis of the data obtained from parametric and thematic analysis of the results of final examinations of reports and certificates.
lot of information for the final analysis gives an analysis of intra control that is most closely associated with all the features of managerial work.It usually provides a complete, systematic information indicating the difference between the target and the result, and pedagogical analysis reveals the causes and conditions of these discrepancies.Total
pedagogical analysis of school work, of course, covers the educational process, allows us to see the connection between the educational work of the teacher of the school and the level of breeding of a student who participated in the educational process.Each educational activities - is one of the moments of the general system of education and personal development, contributing to the solution of specific problems.And how well it will take will depend on the result of the whole educational process.Therefore, comprehensive analysis of the events in school - a compulsory stage of the educational process, giving evidence for the final analysis.
deployed, a comprehensive analysis of the school, covering all areas, calls for a detailed study and discussion of all aspects of the activities of the institution and aims to clear, reasonably plan the work of the school in the new stage.