George Cross.

George Cross - the legendary award, established by Emperor Alexander I in 1807.It was called then another - the decorations.Only in 1913 it was secured another name - the George Cross.Order of the Russian Empire in the lower ranks were awarded for bravery, which, as you know, held great power.On the important role of the control unit are not talking - the wisdom of the rulers is always a guarantee of stability and prosperity of the state.However, without the support of the faithful servants of the most thought-out any political structure collapses like a house of cards.

Soldier George Cross was first awarded Egor Mitrokhin, the officer Cavalry Regiment.In the battle at Friedland Prussian city in 1809 a nobleman distinguished bravery in carrying out assignments.Soldiers medals in those days there was a great variety.However, St George's order was the award, which is awarded for some heroic deeds, the list of which has been regulated in a special document - the status - and the only officer.However, in history there are exceptions - sometimes cross awarded Decembrists and generals.

Badge of the Order gave its owner the privilege - getting rid of physical punishment and surplus wages.Increased salary maintained for life, and after death he received the Chevalier's widow, however, throughout the year.On the cross minted numbering, which allows accounting Knights of St. George.

In 1856, were approved by the degree awards ceremony which was carried out in 4 stages.George Cross 1st and 2nd degree was made of the purest gold, third and fourth - was cast in silver.The award was made to the lower stage.Order of 1st degree, as well as the third, worn on a belt decorated with a bow.During the First World, "St. George", there were about a million.

In Soviet times the award has not been legalized by the government.However, nobody let soldiers wearing the Order of the First World illegally.During WWII, most older people were mobilized, but to the "St. George" always and everywhere respected.In 1944, Professor Anoschenko sent a letter to Stalin with a request to legalize the oldest awards.SNK even issued a draft decision on an issue which, however, did not materialize.An alternative reward in those days was the Order of Glory.

In 1992, the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation has received the George Cross "resurrection."Until 2008, the Order awarded for deeds committed in the battle against the external enemy.However, the peacekeeping operation in Georgia has forced the government to reconsider the situation.Since 2008, the George Cross was handed over and for deeds committed in the territories of other states, if hostilities aimed at restoring international peace and maintaining security.

information about all the recipients are stored in RGVIA, but some of the documents in the file did not get due to the events of 1917.