Shepherd's purse - grass with unusual properties

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Few people know that the humble shepherd's purse herb - grass with a rather unusual and even extraordinary healing properties.However, first things first.Thus, according to the botanical classification of the plant ranked as annual grasses, the height of the stem it can reach about 40 centimeters.The hallmark of the seeds are characteristic shape (which resemble a bag of shepherds), maturing panicles of flowers whitish-yellow (or cream) color.In people, the plant is better known under such names: Thlaspi Chizhov and eyes.

Distributed grass shepherd's purse almost the entire territory of the country, except in the Caucasus and the Far North.In some cases, it is considered even a very pernicious weed, as it can successfully inhabit even on fences and rooftops.

As for the benefit to man, the shepherd's purse - a versatile herb as valuable health substances found in virtually all parts of the plant.In particular, stems and seeds have alkaloids (in harmless quantities), a considerable part of the B vitamins, and vitamins K and A. It is full of minerals, organic acids and saponins.That is why the shepherd's purse - grass soap-boiler, as in the recent past based on it carried a lot of soaps.In addition, the seeds contain a pretty decent percentage of fatty oil, which is somewhat similar to mustard.It is quite suitable for human consumption.

What can we say that the grass shepherd's purse and described above, is known in the pharmaceutical practice for a long time.In particular, the ancient Greeks and Romans, this plant is constantly mentioned in his manuscripts as an excellent hemostatic, and a tonic.Modern medicine by Thlaspi not turned away, actively using it for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, increased pressure in the need to enhance diuresis.Do not remain without attention and its ability to stop the blood, as Chizhov eye lately actively used in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of blood disorders associated with poor clotting last.It is often used in the plant when the kidney accompanied by bleeding.

In folk medicine, shepherd's purse is - the young grass, because its activity can be used as a fairly effective and safe contraceptive.Considering high, but the balanced content therein microelements Thlaspi can be used for the prevention of metabolic disorders.For this reason, it decoctions and infusions for the treatment of non-healing effective wounds and ulcers.In spring it is useful to drink tea from the shepherd's purse, since it is useful for the prevention and treatment of beriberi.

The cooking plant is also widely used.Young leaves are perfect for salads and soups spring, they can be added in the blanks.From fresh greens Thlaspi prepare vitamin green paste for sandwiches, but because you can make a kind of dried mustard.However, the pies, stuffed with its fresh leaves are also very tasty.