How to find clients knowledge workers

The basis of any successful business - match supply and demand for a product or service.Of course, where and how to find customers, it depends first of all on the field.For example, if a business - a point of rapid hot food, then it makes sense to look for buyers in public places (railway stations, major educational institutions, business and office centers).For goods in general, there are whole theories that help us understand how best to choose the location of the firm, how to build relationships with partners, how to organize the laying open on the shelves.Attracting customers is dependent on many factors: the sensory (music, packaging, smell), price, seasonal and other.

little different is the case with services.The basic rule for them: the availability at the right time in the right place at a reasonable price.Let's consider the basic ways on how to find clients freelancers and members of mental labor.At first glance, for "free artists" all seems pretty straightforward.There are exchanges of freelancing, scripts, articles, photostocks.You can sell them as a finished product (texts, images, photographs, software, templates for sites and so on.), To find clients for future projects and long-term cooperation, and explore the market.But when working with the exchanges necessary to consider some nuances.Firstly, there is a novice difficult.At major portals registration is free, but the possibilities are very limited membership gratis.Consequently, the investments required to pay "dues".The cost may be very different, but on average (take portals for translators) it is about $ 100 a year.When this order is not guaranteed.Secondly, on the exchanges there is very fierce price struggle, strong damping.Therefore, for the promotion, for production portfolio, as a parallel can be considered a small income portals.But you have to understand how to find clients immediate, serious and solvent.

Many freelancers often do not reach the hands up to make your online business card or a portfolio.And this is one of the most win-win ways of how to find klientov.Konechno, to work on the site - to promote his position.But the result will exceed all expectations.Having a website with high positions, you will not be anxious to seek the recipients of your services.Customers themselves will find you.It is important to understand just what they are looking for and offer them the right solution.The same can be attributed to recommendations on how to find a lawyer yet.By the venerable, authoritative will line up the queue.But young and novice should try to create a name for himself.Do not hesitate to ask for letters of recommendation.In the field of legal services even more important than the other, it is word of mouth.That is, if you provide quality service (whether Registration, divorce, division of property or the protection of the court), be sure that you would recommend to friends and acquaintances.Phone trusted lawyer, as well as high quality dentist, passed from hand to hand.

There is another way: the regular publication of advertisements in newspapers or on bulletin boards.Think about where and who need your services.For example, nursing care at home, babysitting, massage therapist makes sense to offer where going to mothers with children, for example, in hospitals or near them, in family newspapers.But the translator hardly so will customers.For it is much more important than business customers.Therefore, it is necessary to publish their ads on relevant websites, specialized publications, portals where businesses are looking for information, dealing with export and import of goods.

specify whether the price in the ad?It also depends on who addressed the service.If private, usually poor people, the price is worth pointing especially if it is competitive.If the service is addressed to companies and business people, where the formation of the cost depends on many components, it is better not to do so.Too low (by their standards) price may scare off customers.

giving any advertising, you must consider who will (and when) the potential recipient.Promotion of legal services, for instance, will be grounded in the context of business life during the working day in business publications.But to promote a travel agency in the entertainment appropriate to the press, on the radio transmission family.Analysis of the campaigns of competitors will also give you much food for thought and a lot to learn.