South Russian tarantula: beautiful and nebezobiden

South Russian tarantula or Mizgir - large venomous spider belonging to the family of wolf spiders.It is spread in the south of Russia and Central Asia.It inhabits steppe, steppe and desert areas, preferring moist soils with a high groundwater table.

length of his hairy body may reach 35 mm.Hairs perform tactile function.Its color depends on the habitat and may be a light-red, brown-red, black and brown and almost black.

The body consists of a small spider cephalothorax connected by a thin constriction with a fairly large belly.On the cephalothorax are several holes, a couple maxillipeds (used for holding and killing prey) and a pair of nogoschupalets (Employee organ of touch).In addition, there has almost black "cap", which differs from other representatives of the family of South Russian tarantula.Photo shows it well.

This spider has 4 pairs of walking legs.On his belly are spinneret.Fluid released from these warts, instantly hardens in the air and is transformed into a web of thread.He also has poisonous glands.The poison in the victim's body flows through ducts in the claws maxillipeds.These spiders are dioecious, and males are smaller than females.

South Russian tarantula does not spin trapping network, it uses the web to pasting the walls of his home, build egg cocoons and to overcome obstacles.It is thanks to the web of the tarantula is able to get out of a glass jar.He hunts mostly at night and near the burrows.If the day falls into the occasional insect dwelling spider, he does not refuse to surprise dinner.South Russian tarantula spider reacts to a shadow appeared about mink.He believes that it is an insect, and therefore comes out in the hope of catching him.If you bind any object to a string and create a semblance of movement near the mink, the way South Russian tarantula can be lured from home.

spiders mate in August.Males after this procedure do not survive the winter die.Hibernate are females copulate and youngsters who get into their deep burrows dug and sealed the entrance to their land.At the beginning of next summer, the female lays eggs, criss-crossing web of them.The resulting cocoon she bears, supporting hind limbs.

hatched spiderlings some time holding on to the abdomen of the mother.The female is directed to the water to drink and get drunk young.After drinking, the spider moves on the open sections and drops in different places spiderlings, sow them in this way.Juveniles look for shelter first, and later taken to dig burrows.

South Russian tarantula bites people rarely, only in self-defense.It happens that I was in a tent (home) spider crawls across the sleeping man.Man, she is feeling the tickle, listlessly trying to remove a source, disturbed sleep.This movement of the spider can count for threatening and bite a sleeping person.Therefore, being in nature, before going to sleep you need to shake all things and tightly close the entrance to the tent.

Bite Mizgir quite painful, but not fatal.It causes swelling and redness.The bite should be as soon as possible to cauterize a match, t. To. The high temperature promotes the disintegration of the injected venom.This method is applicable bites of poisonous spiders.