How to connect the car home with a power supply

This article will examine how to connect the car at home, not in the car.In fact, a complex procedure is nothing.But the need to have some of the devices, which will be discussed below.Car radio capable of providing high quality sound that can not be compared with most of amplifiers manufactured specifically for home use.

In addition, all car stereos have a possibility to connect an external signal source (TV, computer, telephone).A device for reproducing low frequencies (subwoofer).But not all radio, unfortunately, allow for connecting a subwoofer.This will be discussed below.

What will it take for the connection?

The first thing needed is a power supply for the car.It must meet all the requirements to be considered in this article.It is also desirable to have a high-quality speaker system.Do not forget that four-recorder output.Therefore, you can easily make the system 5.1 - from the front two speakers, two rear and subwoofer.Of course, the need to have wires to connect a particular radio.

For normal operation it is necessary that the tape recorder was installed carefully, preferably in a single housing with a power supply.Produce can be of any material, but it will be easier to work with wood.After construction of the body to do its design to achieve maximum harmony.Ideally, the entire acoustic enclosure with power supply and radio will have the same design.

Power requirements

worth noting that before the car plug at home, you need to determine the power.One important parameter - the output current source.At high volume consumption of the tape increases, therefore, will require a strong power supply.A good option - it is the one that is installed in computer power supplies.Moreover, it has a forced cooling, no additional filtering of the output current.

If you are going to make their own power supply, it is necessary that he gave a current of up to 6 amperes.This value would be sufficient to radio was stable.However, if you need to connect the subwoofer amplifier, you must act according to the situation - namely, current consumption of the device.The power supply for the car must have quality as a natural cooling and forced.Otherwise it will fail semiconductor elements.

requirements for acoustics

Now some of the speakers, as the car to connect the house without it is impossible.Pay attention to what the resistance of the speakers can be connected to the output of the radio.Normally, it is equal to 4 ohms, this standard has long been used.Therefore, the inclusion of an 8-ohm load will not give the expected results.The sound is completely different, the volume will be small.

Each speaker must be placed in a separate box.Moreover, it is desirable that in one case there were three playback device - for medium, low, high frequencies.Of course, the low frequencies will be, but not as spectacular as when using a subwoofer.And do not forget about cavities, they determine the quality of the sound.

Connecting subwoofer

Now consider how to connect the subwoofer to the car.Nothing is easier, if you have special access.It connects to the amplifier, and only the last one - with a subwoofer.But what if there is no way out?Then you need to take the path of least resistance and take the signal from one of the channels.But not only the output of car and with entry.To submit to the subwoofer needs a weak signal.It is converted once into the amplifier.First he goes to the low-pass filter.

With it, the sound is cut off from all that is not included in the range 20-60 Hz, for example (adjustment is made on the amplifier).The signal is then supplied to the amplifier stages.Depending on the manufacturer, there may be several.But often put only one chip.So how to connect Unit Pioneer was easy, let's see what happens in the amplification of the signal on.No need to break it into channels (amplifier operates on a "mono"), the chip is included in a bridge circuit.This allows to increase the output power twice.Therefore, to connect a subwoofer can not only with a connector.The main thing - to know the essence of the processes occurring in the system of these devices.

Conclusion Now that you know how to connect the car at home, what it requires accessories, as well as the basic requirements for all nodes.To improve the sound acoustics necessary to match the volume of the subwoofer based on the size of the room in which it is installed.And, of course, observe electrical safety.