How to cook millet porridge with pumpkin in the oven?

How to cook millet porridge with pumpkin, know not all.And it is in vain, because this dish is not only delicious, but also useful.It can be used for breakfast and lunch, and dinner.

How to cook millet porridge: a step by step recipe

Components dishes:

  • fresh milk of any fat content (but the higher it is, the tastier the dish) - 3 full glasses;
  • Millet - 1 faceted glass;
  • small fresh pumpkin - 500 g;
  • purified water - 2-2.5 cups (in its sole discretion);
  • creamy fresh butter - 95 g;
  • sea salt, fine sand and sugar - added to a dish to taste.

vegetable processing

So, how to cook millet porridge with pumpkin?To begin to well handle each acquisition component.To do this, take a small vegetable, rinse it, cut in half, remove all the seeds and coarse fibers, and then remove the peel.Next tykovku required chop.Doing this is recommended cubes with side 1, or 1.5 centimeters.

Preparations of cereals

To understand how to cook millet porridge with pumpkin delicious, you must remember that such grits can taste bitter.That is why it is very important to treat.For this product is required to sort of debris, and then put in a sieve and rinse until until the liquid is completely transparent.The last time Pshenko desirable to pour boiling water and wait until all the water is gone.This simple procedure will deprive rump bitterness.

Heat treatment of cereals

learn how to cook millet porridge with pumpkin, you will realize that you need to boil each component separately.To do this, a little dried up cereals should be put in a pan, then add it to the butter and lightly fry.Further, the product should be dipped in boiling water (salty) and cook until half cooked over very low heat.Once all the liquid has evaporated, the rump, remove from heat and mix well.

Heat treatment vegetable

To prepare pumpkins need to take a small saucepan, pour in the milk and boil it.Further, the milk drink is necessary to put sugar, vegetables and sea salt.In this part of the main component it is recommended simmer until its partial tender.

How to cook a delicious millet porridge in oven

Once both ingredients are heat treated, they must be connected in a ceramic pot for cooking (together with milk from vegetables), salt, if desired, and bake in the oven at 45-55 minutes.Prepare a healthy dish should be at a temperature of 195-200 degrees.

How to bring to the table

When fully cooked porridge, it is required to get it out of the oven, mix well and leave under cover for another 5-15 minutes.Then the dish must be spread on plates, slice the butter flavor and file members of the family in the hot state.It should be noted that, if desired in the breakfast possible further to add such an ingredient as raisins.But to do this it is recommended to heat treatment in the oven.