Psycho-pedagogical characteristics of learner: recommendations for drawing

Almost every psychologist working in a school or other educational institution, faced with the problem of documentation.No matter how much time and how it would be desirable to spend it on practical activities, it is worth remembering that the documentation is very important, as is the main operating base psychologist.Among other documents separately want to talk about how to make psycho-pedagogical characteristics of the student, a specimen of which is quite difficult to find.

First of all, it should be noted, in any case it is needed.Of course, each student will make a paper impossible task for a psychologist.If there is a need for this, it is possible to bring this lesson class teacher.However, most likely it will be superfluous.Psycho-pedagogical response to student need, if he has any problems with learning, behavior and so on. E., With his parents and he is invited to the medical, psychological and educational commission to decide how to resolve these problems.Also be sure to have a psycho-pedag

ogical characteristics at all "difficult" teenagers consisting on the account of the school or department noted in PDN.In addition, children with a school psychologist that deals with an individual program, should also be described (mainly in order to understand why they need remedial work).

must remember that working closely with the class teacher can facilitate the task of the psychologist in this document, as they are familiar with their students and often know information that could be useful in the future to describe the personality of the child.

should be noted that a single sample on which written response to the student, not.Therefore, the form of writing can be developed independently, or use the existing samples of other psychologists.However, in any case, there are a few guidelines that must be followed during its drafting.

Firstly, the characteristics of learner must contain the individual characteristics of the schoolboy, his character, the situation in the society, the development of cognitive processes, and so on. D. For this we first carried out a full investigation of the child, using a variety of techniques that are owned by a psychologist.Personality of the pupil shall be illuminated in detail from all sides, the positive and the negative of its quality and features of its behavior.

Secondly, we must remember that when the response is made to the student, a psychologist should be guided by the basic rule of professional ethics, "do no harm".Accordingly, every word and phrase should be carefully considered and properly worded.This is especially true in cases where written response to the student correctional school.Typically in such cases diagnoses encrypted using notation understood by those skilled in the art.

At the end of the document usually are recommendations that the psychologist is each individual, taking into account the previously mentioned facts.This item should be optional, since the problem is not so much a school psychologist to diagnose personality or other disorders of the child as an effort to correct them.

is also worth considering that the documentation maintained by the school psychologist, should be between a same sample, which will be convenient not only to the employee, but also to check his work administration.It concerns characteristics that are developed, and then conducted to the same standard.In the subsequent public access to this help will have only a psychologist, and others only with his permission and consent of the parents of students.