Sick pay for child care

situation of temporary disability of the employee of the need to care for a sick child is quite common.It is important to know what your rights are.Payment of hospital care for a child is different from that which can be obtained if the employee is sick himself.There are certain limitations associated with the time of payment, as well as to the amount of provisions for such sick leave.Let's look at these points.

sick pay for child care will be made of mother, father or other close relatives of the child, if they are working under the terms of the employment contract.In other cases, the employee is not entitled to such payments.If the child care person who is not a relative, it would issue a medical certificate can not, therefore, there will be no payment.The allowance can be paid only if the child is 0-15 years.When it comes to mothers who are on sick leave with a child under the age of one and a half years, then issued her sick will not be paid.Calculation of the hospital for the care of the child is realized depending on the insurance experience of the parent, which is engaged in care, as well as the prescribed treatment.

When calculating the length of service is very important.If it is more than eight years, the payment is made in 100% of the amount, if the experience is in the range of 5-8 years, the payment is carried out by 80%, up to five years - 60%.The account is over the time available in the workbook.Thus no differences were it breaks or not.When it comes to out-patient treatment, the person performing the child care, pay, depending on the length of the first 10 days and 11 days the payment is made by 50% of the average wage.When it comes to hospitalization, the payment is made depending on the experience of the person who is engaged in care.Payment sick child care is carried out with the restriction on the length of stay on sick leave.If care is for a child up to 7 years, it will be paid for a maximum of 60 days a year for 7-15 years pay no more than 45 days.120 days a year can provide care for a disabled child.For children with complications after vaccination or preventative for HIV-positive I pay the entire period.

If the time exceeds the specified hospital in the law, the employer is entitled to deduct the excess days for absenteeism, which could result in dismissal.In such a situation with the payment of sick leaves is spread across multiple periods of care by relatives.It is necessary to those families where the children are sick and need care.

sick pay for child care is carried out fully if the kindergarten announced quarantine.The relevant law states that if a child is subject to quarantine under the age of 7 years old, attending a specialized preschool, the allowance will be paid to the insured person for the entire period of quarantine.In this situation, the allowance should be set as a general rule, that is, within 10 days, and on the 11th at half the rate.In cases where a child has been infected are not in preschool and at home from babysitting or mini-garden, this rule does not apply.

Parents of children who are ill often and much, to protect themselves, not only distributing child care between close.Payment for sick leave to care for a child over the limit can be spelled out in the collective agreement or in a specific employment contract as a supplement to the social package.Additional days in this case are paid from the salary fund.

Now you know how to make payments on hospital care for the child, as well as with some nuances in this case you may encounter.