Calculation of severance package

majority dismissed or laid-off workers, as well as accountants who are busy assigning them money, worried about the questions posed to them payment of compensation for dismissal.It's all simple enough, but if details to follow the instructions that each employee has an opportunity to calculate how much money they will be received at dismissal.In what cases the payment of compensation for unused vacation must be made in full?

Initially, it should be said that for the full amount of compensation the employee must have worked at the company for at least 11 months, the only way he can rely on the normal annual vacation.In this case, calculations are performed using the following formula: (S: 29.4) / 12 * K, then S - size of the total income of the employee during the given calendar year, K - the number of vacation days, usually this value is 28 days.

Calculation of severance package

In labor law clearly states that the employee must exercise its legitimate vacation this year.When dismissing it has

the right to choose, "was done on" allotted vacation time or accept a financial compensation.When it paid by employers sometimes have disputes, some of which had already been adjusted jurisprudence or existing regulations.You can consider them.

In situations where the employee has not been used for the additional vacation year worked, his days are replaced by monetary compensation if the employee has not been in for a year periods, not giving the right to leave.If an employee has not been used for the additional holiday for several years, then for all the days he must pay a certain amount.

If an employee is dismissed at the time as he is not over the trial period, the calculation of compensation for dismissal holiday in proportion to the time that he worked.In that case, if the expert has been worked out only 6 months, payment for unused leave him be counted in proportion to the time worked.When working on the contract on the last day of the contract the employer is obliged to pay for the entire period wages and special payments for vacation, depending on the time of service in the company.

If a person chooses not to severance compensation and leave, then he has the right to take it completely, after which he will be fired.Sometimes there are situations that an employee would have to take a vacation.It is worth paying attention to the procedure of the dismissal of senior officials.

Calculation of severance package manager

Charter of the organization determines the life of the head.With the director is usually an employment contract for a definite time frame.At the general meeting of the company's decision is that the head stops its powers.For this situation, there are certain features of the termination of the contract with the subsequent payment of compensation.

If the worker more than a year, a leave, it will be counted as a breach of the law, in this case, the head of the inspection will be punished by penalties.The rules say that the Members of the Company are required to notify in writing to the director of the termination of his employment contract, and then dismiss it in full compliance with the current legislation.At the same time it carried out the payment of all charges, which he relied.Next is a new agreement, the term of which shall be provided for the statutory documentation.However, most companies do not break contracts, and make an agreement, which registers changes in the term obligations.

Now you know how the calculation of severance package, so imagine what amount of payments you can expect.