How do I check on the authenticity of the dollar.

US dollar has long been one of the most popular currencies in the world.Its turnover is huge, and you can trade it in almost any country.At the same time US Treasury claims that the number of counterfeit notes is very small - 0.01% of the total weight.This is due to the fact that this currency reliable system of protection against counterfeiting, and its method of manufacture is very difficult to reproduce.Do you know how to check the authenticity of the dollar?Examine the paper carefully, and you will be almost impossible to cheat.

Denominations of counterfeited denomination?

most often the object of interest of counterfeiters becomes 100-dollar bill.And lately violators of the law as the basis for taking this bill forgery smaller denomination, bleach it and then print it on the famous portrait of Benjamin Franklin.As it turns out quite realistic fake, if you do not know how to check the authenticity of the dollar.Another similar way consists in adding zeros to the banknote.

Are there any counterfeit banknotes of smaller denomination?

Yes, notes 10, 20 and 5 dollars counterfeited and distributed among the homeless who do not know how to verify the authenticity of the dollar, or in low-income areas.Shopping committed new owners fake, very small, and sellers do not pay attention to the bill, so they are easy to manage sales.But to no suspicions have taken 50 or $ 100, the support money should look much more presentable.

safest in this respect are 1 and $ 2.They are not attractive for fraudsters, so the system of protection against counterfeiting is much easier than other denominations.

How to distinguish the real from the fake bill?

Here are some ways on how to verify the authenticity of dollars on so as not to fall for the bait scams:

  • Denominations new sample (except for $ 5) are elements to change the color of ink.To see them, take notes and tilt it back and forth, while the figure in the lower right corner will become the green, then black.
  • One of the simplest known methods on how to verify the authenticity of the dollar, - view the watermark.It can be seen in transmission from either side of the bill, ie. K. Is not printed on the specific side and included in the structure of the paper itself.
  • portrait on the banknote and the image must be the same water.If the $ 100 bills had been forged with the help of whitening, you will see an image of Abraham Lincoln, which is printed on the $ 5, instead of Benjamin Franklin.It looks like this:

  • plastic protective tape.It is also visible in the light from the front side of the banknote.On 10 and 50 dollars a protective strip to the right of the portrait, and at 5, 20 and $ 100, it is to his left.

  • This band from genuine banknotes reacts to ultraviolet light: from $ 5, it glows blue at 10 - Orange, 20 - green, 50 - yellow, at 100 - pink and red.
  • serial number.Each banknote is unique, must be stamped exactly and clearly, and twice - on both sides of the portrait.
  • Microprinting.At present there are elements of the bills, on which the font can be read only under a magnifying glass, for example inscription around the portrait and denomination on the security: $ 5 - USA FIVE, 10 - USA TEN, 20 - USA TWENTY.

paper, paint, printing

It has three levels of protection each note, thanks to which it is very difficult to forge.Paper dollars have dense but thin, rough, with splashes of blue and red slips that are not printed on top, and it is incorporated into its structure.It is made of textile fibers - cotton and flax, and not from a conventional pulp that attaches banknote characteristic texture.

dollars How to check for authenticity, if you have the bill in which you believe, and doubt?Compare tactile sensations of both, and if one of the bills - fake, the difference will be noticeable.This is a very simple but effective way.

paint on the surface of this bill extends slightly over the paper, all lines are clear and bright.The portrait and okaemke banknotes deliberately used very thin strokes, without the unique equipment to repeat the print quality is not possible.

How to verify the authenticity of the $ 100 new sample?

Because this bill is the most attractive for fraudsters to October 2013, the US government has issued a series of notes, which is extremely difficult to falsify.It is designated as Series 2009. It features:

  1. 3D-wide protective strip of blue right of the portrait.It is visible at an angle.Attention!Not to be confused with the conventional thin ribbon, which in this bill is still left of the portrait.
  2. On copper-colored inkwell depicts a bell that changes color when moving from copper to green.
  3. right of portrait added phrases from the Declaration of Independence and the image of the pen, which has been signed so dear to every American document.
  4. On the reverse side of the banknote shows its face value is very large, so it can be easily distinguished, even for people with poor eyesight.

However, the emergence of new bills does not mean that the old have lost their value.The US government has no plans to withdraw them, they are still suitable for making payments.

Where can I check the authenticity of dollars on

If you still have doubts about the bills, they will be able to dispel the only means of checking the machine using special detectors.Using infrared and magnetic radiation, they can "see" the special characters and magnetized zones, which confirms that the note is real.If you want to verify the authenticity of dollars in the bank, get ready to make a small fee or for checking each bill or a percentage of the total.And not all financial institutions offer this service.