MSW Landfills: license and construction

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Currently in Russia there are about 24 000 objects that relate to the landfill solid waste.However, only one tenth of them operated on a legal basis, not to mention the observance of rules and regulations established by Rosprirodnadzor.This is partly due to the problems that arise at the registration stage, the design and construction of such facilities.It is no secret that landfills are very specific and impose special requirements on the owners of the content, as well as remediation or transfer to another status.Each of these questions should be a detailed study to improve the chances of realization of modern, safe and legally-net site.

Licensing landfills

the collection and disposal of waste is strictly regulated and subject to registration.Document authorizing the treatment of domestic and industrial waste, is the license.Before you begin the registration process, you must ensure that the company complies with the requirements of supervisory authorities, which will evaluate the landfill.The license is issued only on condition that the facility meets the sanitary-epidemiological norms, it is to equip the necessary equipment, serviced by professionals with training and so on. D. In addition, the applicant must provide the design of the system, which will carry out production control in waste management.

documents to obtain a license

who wishes to obtain a license to conduct this type of activity must provide the Rosprirodnadzor package that includes the following set of documents:

  • documents of a legal entity;
  • list of work that is planned to be in the area of ​​waste management;
  • documents proving ownership of the site where the placement is planned for the area of ​​waste collection (often landfills are built with special facilities, which are also required relevant documents);
  • certificate of successful completion of environmental impact assessment;
  • certificates for waste management;
  • certificate of payment of the state duty for the license.

licensing procedures

Rosprirodnadzor checks the information and documents sent to the applicant within 5 days.Based on the test results a decision is made in the form of refusal or grant of the license.Typically, landfills get a license if they are initially based on the technical, legal and environmental requirements.Also it has the meaning well-formed set of documents.During the procedural handling of Rosprirodnadzor staff checked the completeness and accuracy of the information specified in the application and documents.

important to note that in recent years the construction are gaining popularity so-called self-regulating community (SROs), which removes part of new market participants from having to obtain a license.In the area of ​​waste management, this practice is only gaining momentum, but membership in the SRO of this profile can be very useful.Representatives of these associations not only legalize their landfills, but also get a legal as well as information and technical support from their peers, which is especially important in the early stages of enterprise development.

Design polygons

already in the development phase of the project takes into account the special purpose of the polygon as an object, designed for the collection and disposal of household waste.To minimize the adverse effects of these systems on the environment surrounding area, the draft provides for protection systems acting as barriers to contaminants.Their presence, and causes the difference between ordinary and special waste landfill.

to successfully neutralize the harmful effects of the operation of the future facility, designing landfills must include the following works:

  • Development waterproofing systems for contaminated array.This is to prevent direct contact between the landfill mass and sediments.
  • study and a plan of the surface area taking into account the location of the landfill slopes for drainage runoff.
  • Creating a ventilation system for the landfill.
  • Development of management and control systems of the filtrate.
  • Planning landscaping.

Design is carried out in accordance with the principles to minimize the likelihood of ecological crisis and environmental pollution.The most important from the safety point of view are water bodies.

Construction polygons

of technical projects landfills in many respects similar to traditional construction projects.Such systems may include the same utilities, farm buildings, and so on. D. It should include the differences into account the special requirements for the isolation and selection of materials.In addition, the construction of landfill implies the construction of sanitary facilities with impervious screens, which are key elements in any complex of this type.

natural geological barriers to the spread of contamination are rare in practice, so developers equip special protective shields on the surface of the working area.With the help of such barriers to minimize the risk of harmful destruction of the environment as a result of exposure to adverse environmental grounds.

Reclamation landfill

Since the landfill design, you can not exclude the possibility of its eventual reclamation.This important event, which is engaged in the landfill site becomes environmentally former healthy state.

This reclamation of landfills can be for a variety of technological methods of disposal, including the steps of:

  • analysis of the site and determine the level of its danger.
  • consider alternative options for remediation.
  • Development of the project for the disposal and subsequent remediation.

However, there are several groups of technological ways to eliminate landfill.It is a basic recovery and disposal of waste in another safe location and destruction right at the site.