Popular sayings of great men of freedom.

Sayings of great people on freedom of many.Why is that?Perhaps because the earlier government was struggling with freedom.In the old days it was impossible to be a free man.This word generally ordered to forget.Slavery, serfdom, prisoner - today just do not.But some time ago, it existed.As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet.And those at the moment is the freedom.That many of the great figures of her devoted their statements, poems and major prose works.

True, causing controversy

Talking about the statements of great people about freedom, the first thing I would like to mention a phrase belonging to the man known as the Erich Maria Remarque.Everyone knows who he is.A talented writer, public figure and a representative of the lost generation.He said that this idealist is always striving for money.Because the money - this is freedom, and freedom - that's life.This phrase caused a lot of controversy.Strictly speaking, they do not cease to this day.But one thing is for sure - the truth of these words is.And any objections that may occur after this statement, it is easy to refute.Because if not spiritual freedom, then at least give the material the money definitely.

Truth everyday

Sayings of great people on freedom of astonishingly diverse.And it is not even that a lot of them, and how different meanings embedded in them.Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, argued that the more a man of habits, the less his freedom.A simple expression, but how much truth in it.And ponder do not even have to understand the essence of what was said.Indeed, habits - this is what robs a person a certain time.It becomes less due to the fact that someone used to sleeping in the afternoon for two hours, while others consistently spend an hour for a computer game, others - listen to mindless gossip on the phone from a friend out of respect or inconvenience to hang up.Time - is freedom.It can not be spent on useless.From this man loses both time and freedom.

Freedom - the sincerity

Albert Camus, French writer, said: "Free is the one who can not lie."Short, but meaningful expression.Perhaps, if we consider the statements of the great men of freedom and slavery, it will be the one that will affect the soul of each person.Lies pursues all.If a person is not lying, then trying to cheat it.Defamation has long been a part of life.Whether it's the 10th century, the 18th, or our time.Camus correctly noted - easy to live with a man, if he is telling the truth.Although he can be alone.Because not everyone is like people who always tell the truth.She's been known to cut worse than the knife.But he is the most valuable - freedom to himself.And this is important.

statements contemporaries

Sayings of great people about freedom, who lived several centuries ago, are somewhat different from those that are inherent to our contemporaries.The topic has not lost its relevance, but the expression became harder and harder."Freedom begins when you send away all the conventions" - these are the words of Robert A. Heinlein, American science fiction writer.It can be considered a contemporary, because he had lived and worked since the beginning of its activities until the end of the last century.And he said really nice words.What is conditionality?This is something common, stereotyped, banal.That's definitely not like proactive person is a person with a capital letter.These people want to be free, and they are, as indeed despise conventions.They are outside the scope, while others are afraid to do it.

Sayings of great people on the topic of "Freedom" - is not just an expression.It is also an occasion to reflect.In each short phrase is hidden deep meaning.The words are the same, but for each of us in them lies something individual.