Magic Vine

Ā«Magic Vine" as a way to search for underground water, ore deposits, and sometimes treasure known to mankind for many centuries.Some scholars believe that the history of dowsing has no less than 700 years.The people perceived differently dowsing.Some thought the phenomenon of witchcraft and attributed it to the category of the evil ones, while others called dowsers simply lucky swindlers.

Indeed, because there is something strange and inexplicable that seems to be an ordinary man, holding a special way in the hands of a flyer or cut a thin twig (now it is a wire frame), leisurely walks on the surveyed site, nothing likeDoing, and suddenly over certain places this simple device starts to deviate, if not rotate.Moreover, if then to drill or dig in these areas, be sure to go out on the underground stream, minerals, or something else, depending on whether it is looking lozohodets.For example, the cave.

Labyrinth Lavra many legends.The length of the caves dug by the monks, is now open for tourists, for a total of something like a mile.However, according to ancient historians, travelers, geographers, their length is several tens of kilometers.

But no matter how hard fought the laurels of workers, nothing definite to discover they did not succeed.And then they remembered about the people involved biolocation, that is, those who are called dowsers.Proceeding along and across the entire territory of the monastery, the modern operators with a framework applied to the preliminary plan of 130 points, which, in their opinion, should be void.It turned out that people with a "magic wand" in the hands of no mistake: more than half of those marks coincided with known underground passages.And at the other elevations, when they began to make test drillings, often began to reveal previously unknown underground cavities.In addition, dowsers have indicated places of possible treasures and secret burial ground revealed the weakened area, the soils in the fluid state, the direction of movement of groundwater ...

During the War of 1812 Russian soldiers on the eve of the battle of Borodino was prepared for the so-called enemy cavalry"pitfalls" - West with a stake in the middle.It is not difficult to imagine what the LRA was a "surprise" to the enemy.However, over the past century almost DWI these pits were covered, and the field itself repeatedly swings open and plated.It would seem, it is now establish where and what it was.

But when historians needed to find out where the former trap, the task quite easily coped dowsers.They not only found the traps and found where there were various fortifications, burial, and much more ...

Case studies have shown that an experienced operator with frame recognizes ore veins at a depth of half a kilometer, a large gas chamber - even at a depth ofseveral kilometers.This method allows you to search karst cavities, underground cable breaks, breaks in the pipes heating plant, "see" built into the walls of wire ...

!Scientists believe that dowsing abilities have about 20 percent of men and 40 percent of women!

But science really long time did not recognize the existence of this and not such a rare phenomenon.And only recently, this phenomenon has become not only closely studied, but launched its practical application.

Today, there are many hypotheses about the nature of this phenomenon.On one of them, dowsers - people who feel the slightest magnetic anomalies underground layers and responding to these anomalies involuntary muscle twitching hands.In support of this hypothesis, we carried out such experiments.The man standing with his eyes closed, leaning forward involuntarily when his legs at the ankles operates a magnetic field of 0.1 gauss.If the polarity of the magnet change, the person leans back.

Handwriting, writing with your eyes closed, receives a strong inclination to the right, if the impact variable low frequency magnetic field on the right shoulder of the writer.And it happens because of a change of tone some muscles in response to the increase in the magnetic field.Movement flyer or metal frame, on this hypothesis, only to give an involuntary contraction or relaxation of muscles of the hands of people who are sensitive to changes in the magnetic field.At the same time, and the audience, and most dowsers think that flyer or frame moves itself, so unconsciousness these muscle movements.In fact, it exists for those 20 and 40 percent of the people mentioned above, the innate reflex to changes in the magnetic field.Measurements with modern magnetometer at places marked movements frame, showed that there indeed exist magnetic anomalies.A lozohodets notice changes in the field by only 0.0001 gauss.

Although it does not have is directly related to our conversation, but still would like to note that this is the same sensitivity to the magnetic field and pigeons.And who knows, it is possible that "the effect of dowser & gt;once just needed our remote ancestors, something would have to be guided in surrounding space.

There is another, somewhat different from the first, the hypothesis that the phenomenon of dowsing - the interaction of the human biofield and energy fields as the earth itself, and the various material objects.When these fields overlap each other, and resonance occurs as a consequence of this, again spontaneously contracting muscle - and rotating frame.An operator can manage this process.He had only to think of any particular object or substance, as his aura is adjusted to this place.If you visualize, say, the water, the frame will react to underground sources.

It is possible that the way it is: after all, before the water dowsers looking for it, that is exactly thought about it.By the way, experience has shown that this effect is influenced by many factors.For example, at noon, when solar radiation is maximal, it almost completely disappears.Spoiled the mood, the disease also change the aura of the operator, increasing the percentage of errors in the search.

Empirically scientists have learned how to enhance the properties of the dowsers.Frame in the hands of the operator - a kind of oscillation circuit.Connect it to the capacitors of different capacity can be achieved, for example, that she only reacted to fresh or salt water.Used to enhance the effect of so-called substance resonators.After all, if you hold in your hand, for example, a piece of copper wire, the aura spontaneously adjusted to the interaction with the field of this particular metal.And if the operator passes over the copper wire, the frame is rotated several times faster than usual.

course, explain the effect of dowsing only this hypothesis - it is difficult.And it created an alternative to many other versions that explain this phenomenon.But they, like the above assumption, suffer a lot of shortcomings.It is possible that in the near future still appears more or less informed on all the points of view of the explanation of this effect.Indeed, science ultimately resides in the development.

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