Types of correctional school

What is the attitude of other people towards children with disabilities?Most of the adults treat them as a "poor and lame duck" and the children's community rejects them as "abnormal."Very rarely a special child meets the interest of other people, the desire to make friends.

situation is even worse with the training.Not every school willing to teach a child with special educational needs.While inclusion - education for children with disabilities in the mainstream secondary school - can only dream of parents of special children.

fate of many of these children - training in correctional schools, which are not always close to the house, and often in another city.So often they have to live in a boarding school.

Currently, the types of correctional schools identified based on the primary defect students.Each of the eight kinds of educational institutions for children with special educational needs has its own specifics.

special correctional institution of one species takes its walls deaf children.The task of teachers - to teach a deaf child to communicate with others, to learn several kinds of speech: oral, written, daktilnoy, gestural.In the curriculum includes courses aimed at compensation for hearing loss through the use of sound-amplifying equipment, correction of pronunciation, welfare orientation, and others.

Such work is done and the correctional school 2 species, but only for the hearing impaired or pozdnoglohshih children.It aims to restore lost hearing ability, speech practice active organization, communication skills training.

first and second types of correctional schools the educational process is carried out in three stages of general education.However, deaf students need two more years to master the primary school curriculum.

third and fourth types of correctional schools designed for children with visual impairment.Teachers of special schools will organize the process of training and education so as to keep the other analyzers, develop korrekionno-compensatory skills, provide social adaptation of children in society.

in correctional school 3 kinds directed blind children and children with visual acuity of 0.04 to 0.08 with complex defects, leading to blindness.The school accepts children 4 species with visual acuity of 0.05 to 0.4 with the possibility of correction.The specificity of the defect involves training using tiflooborudovaniya and special didactic materials to absorb incoming information.

special correctional institution type 5 is designed for children with general underdevelopment of speech, as well as heavy speech pathology.The main objective of the school - correction of speech defects.The whole educational process is organized in such a way that children have the opportunity to develop language skills throughout the day.When troubleshooting a speech defect, the parents have the right to transfer the child to a regular school.

children in violation of the musculoskeletal system can be trained in a special school 6 species.The correctional facility is carried out the restoration of motor functions, their development, the correction of secondary defects.Particular attention is paid to social and labor adaptation of pupils.

Correctional School 7 takes the form of children with mental retardation, and the possibilities of intellectual development.At school, the correction of mental development, the development of cognitive functions and skills training activities.According to the results of primary school pupils can be transferred to secondary school.

Correctional School 8 of the form needed for children with intellectual disabilities to train under a special program.The purpose of training - social and psychological rehabilitation and integration of the child in society.In these schools there are classes with in-depth preparation work.

Almost all of the types of correctional schools teach children for twelve years, are staffed by specialist speech therapists, speech therapists, psychologists.

course, that the children he studied for many years in institutions, there are certain difficulties in the social orientation.A major role in the integration of children with special needs into society belongs not only to correctional schools, but the parents.Family fighting for your child, be sure to be able to help him adapt to the world around them.