Details of the meat dress

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Lady Gaga always can immediately spot their fans.After some tricks it once you start to think that nothing shocking it is no longer able to "throw", but following her crazy act proves the opposite.What did it cost only her meat dress.

singer gained popularity for its unpretentious some songs with deep meaning.Time and again in his music videos, it shocked audiences with their unconventional attire.She has repeatedly managed to lead all sorts of fancy charts, and in different guises.It was also the best singer and queen of style and managed to get the award for "worst-dressed star."

But recent outfit Lady Gaga - meat dress - completely "blew up the brain" not only to all her fans, but also the majority of colleagues.Indeed, the appearance of the singer's shocking to the people caused a great stir.In this crazy Saturday, she was invited to the MTV Video Music Evords.

singer appeared before the audience in three different outfits.One dress reflect some Byzantine motifs.It was made for the last collection of the late Alexander McQueen, whose artist is very loved and adored.She has repeatedly said that it is very grieved and regretted that died on her way to a man and a friend.Next

black dress, which was sewn by the legendary Armani, has replaced the former.And then there was all Lady Gaga's meat dress.It was sewn specially for the stars controversial designer Frank Fernandez.It represents applique formed from pieces of meat, interconnected.The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.This outfit can safely be called ugly-spectacular.At the head of the actress wore the author's hat, which was made of pieces of tenderloin.Her shoe was a shoe that was rather big pieces of meat are wrapped.Apparently, they were cut from the thigh part.And, of course, the very meat dress.

We all had questions: "Is it not disgusting, it should in fact disgusting smell like it can be in it?" "For the body is uniquely cold as she suffers this?"These and similar questions and then articulated to each other in the hall.And it is fair to note that this is a dress made of meat, most likely, very inconvenient for the singer.At least look at him, I do not feel comfortable to say the least.Though Gaga and changed for all time three attire, but to sit in this room until until she handed over the award, had a lot of time.And more than evident, organizations that protect animals, as well as the interests of vegetarians, still express their grievances to her more than once.

fair to say that the efforts of the stars were not in vain.After all, she was honored with eight awards channel MTV, one of which - "Best Video".And her Lady Gaga personally handed the singer Cher, is not to be envied.After all, besides the fact that she hugged the actress in a dress made of meat, it still had to hold the same meat purse.

It should be noted that this is not the first appearance of the singer in such attire.She had already had experience in the meat bikini posing for the cover of Japanese magazine "Vogue".