Goddess of beauty among the ancient peoples of the world

in ancient pagan religions of the goddess of beauty and love was worshiped at least supreme deity.She was worshiped, built temples, sacrificed, for the sake of trying to appease the family well-being and happy life.

Slavic goddess of beauty - Lada

Each nation has its own history and its religious beliefs.Most of all, we, of course, heard of Aphrodite - Greek goddess of love and beauty.But this does not mean that we, the Slavs, did not have a patron saint of the family hearth.And here was her name Lada.The Slavs believed that it protects marriage, and strengthen them, to bring happiness and peace to the family.Therefore very popular goddess of beauty Lada enjoyed young couples who brought her a gift fruit, flowers, honey and live birds.Harmony is also patron of young mothers and their children.She was very fond of the Slavic peoples.Often organized celebrations in her honor.The Slavs believed that the Goddess listens to all requests and attempts to fulfill them, so they called her affectionately Schedrynya.

Freya Norse goddess of beauty is so loved by the people that it devote one day weekly - Friday.Not for nothing in German this day is called Freitag.That day, according to legend, is favorable for marriages, love affairs and the peace negotiations.Freya also revered as the patron of the armistice and family warmth.

But in Ireland the goddess of beauty and love portrayed as a gentle, fragile slender, extremely beautiful woman, dressed in a silver dress with flowers in her hair.Her name was Ein, the goddess lived in the realm of fairies and show only on moonlit nights.Especially patronized Ein women who loved and respected the land fertile.First of all, "moon goddess" tried to teach the female playfulness, seductiveness and wisdom in pleasures of love that could certainly seduce and fall in love with a man.

Hathor - Egyptian goddess of beauty and love, who loved the fun, music and festivals.Therefore, it is represented with a musical instrument - SISTROM.The Egyptians believed that the amulet in the form SISTROM around the neck protects from trouble and misfortune.Hathor was especially good for young couples, guarded their family home.

Probably not a man who does not know who this Greek goddess of beauty.Her name has become an association with unearthly beauty and unsurpassed love.The daughter of Uranus, the father of Zeus, she was born from the sea foam on the island of Crete.Aphrodite!So it styled and revered to this day.

She patronized musicians and writers, praising love, she was the greatest fan of real feelings.Although not represented example of fidelity as the wife of the god of fire and blacksmith Hephaestus, who was far from handsome.Because of this, the inhabitants of Olympus often witnessed her conflicts with Hera - the patroness of family and hearth.Even the cause of the Trojan War, the Greeks saw Aphrodite, which cast a spell at Paris, after which he fell in love with Elena.

The Greeks were quite peculiar notion of beauty: a strong elastic body, large features, the huge size of the body - is considered beautiful.This was portrayed and Aphrodite.

Goddess beauty of each people in its own delicious.All peoples take care of the feelings of love, family relationships and parenting, so their goddesses valued very highly.