Frick - who is this?

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You've heard this word - freak.You might even meet them in the streets.They can not be overlooked.They attract attention wherever they appeared.So, who are they?

Frick - a collective determination for the people using their appearance as a means of expression and is not included in any of the existing sub-cultures.They create entirely new images without fear of appearing ridiculous or ugly.No wonder the word 'freak' is translated from English as "ugly".Frick - a man often prone to exaggeration.He has no sense of proportion.If puncture - so the whole face if painted - something so that my own mother did not recognize.

freaks subculture has no specific philosophy.And aesthetics too.It's just people seeking to distinguish itself from the gray mass with the help of visual aids.Of course, each of them has its own philosophy and beliefs spodvigshie on such an extravagant way out.But they rarely come together in groups with their own kind and, as a result, you will hardly ever find two identical freaks.

Freaks do not have any common and binding attributes.Typically, each of which selects for itself a style that follows.Contrary to popular belief, piercings and tattoos are also not freaks attributes (remember the same Marilyn Manson).But most of them still present in any body modification (from the dyed hair to the subcutaneous implants).It depends on the philosophy of individual rights.After a freak - is, first of all, a person who defies public opinion and change their appearance according to their attitude.

Freaks can be found everywhere.But as a rule, most of them developed post-industrial countries.

particularly famous Japanese freaks, that their appearance could easily shock the viewer unusual.It is understandable, because the visual culture in Japan reached a high level.In this country self-expression by changing its appearance it is common and accepted normally.In our country, people are not yet accustomed to such "antics", many believe poeetomu freaks "wild" and "abnormal".This lack of tolerance must be explained by the echoes of Soviet culture, when the ideal of universal equality was taken, and the eye-catching appearance was not welcomed.In Europe, meanwhile, is thriving culture freaks, finding ever new means of self-expression.

Freaks are usually not aggressive towards others, if you do not feel the pressure from their side.These are people who find harmony within itself, even in a slightly strange way.Therefore, the view that freaks are dangerous and unjustified.They assert themselves not by force over the other, and through its appearance, so are the people peaceably.

Frick - this, in general, the same person, like everyone else, but chose a different way of expression.If others express themselves by creating something new, communicating with others or simply actively doing things you love, you freaks do it, standing outside.