Calculation of alcohol for the wedding.

Wedding - this is the happiest day in the life of every person.Therefore I'd like it to be remembered for a lifetime.And for this it is necessary that all were satisfied, and the guests as well.Wedding banquet can not be compared with any other.And in order to count the number of the required budget for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, standard procedures are not suitable.

wedding alcoholic Features "menuĀ»

most often at the wedding table can be found vodka, cognac, wine and champagne.It is not recommended to buy beer, since the bottle will look very cheap.You can also buy liquor, tequila, martinis - it is more likely for women drinks.It should also be borne in mind that unnecessary and non-alcoholic beverages (water, juice), which will use the children, pregnant women and non-drinking guests.In addition, the amount of alcohol to make calculations for a wedding, it is necessary to take into account some individual features of the celebration.So, it is important to determine the age of the guests, who will be more (men / women will have children and how many), how much will be drinking and non-drinking.Sometimes you have to take into account even the individual preferences of a particular guest (for example, someone is contraindicated vodka).It is important that the alcohol was sufficient.It is in any case should not end before the wedding.

algorithm buying alcohol for a banquet?

There are many formulas you can use to perform a calculation of the amount of alcohol at a wedding.One way or another, but all of them have one and the same algorithm:

  • The first step is to determine exactly how many people will be at the wedding.In this issue should be considered absolutely everyone (adults and children).After all, you have to buy several kinds of drinks to please everyone.
  • Then you have to count about the number of those guests who drink too much;those who drink a little;those who do not drink at all.Of course, in calculating the amount of alcohol required may be neglected children and those who do not drink alcohol.
  • should also pay attention to the season of celebration.In the summer it's very hot, so the spirits in the course will not go.It is better to buy a light wine and champagne.And indeed, in the winter the amount of alcohol consumed increases several times.Therefore it is recommended to do in spring or summer wedding.

What to consider?

Before going to the store for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to make a correct calculation of the alcohol at the wedding.To do so, determine how many guests drink.So if a good snack can take a lot of drinking, it is recommended for one person to buy a bottle of wine and half a bottle of vodka.Although it depends more on what drinks are more likely used by guests (strong or weak).At the same time, if the guests do not drink a lot, you need to buy 1 bottle of champagne for every woman and half a bottle of spirits for every man.

Tips restaurateurs

Experienced restaurateurs argue that the calculation of alcohol for the wedding must be done sober.While it is desirable to make it not alone, but together with the bride and her parents.In addition, it is recommended when ordering wine adhere to the following proportions: 1/2 2/3 white and red.But before drawing conclusions, it is necessary to remember the preferences of its guests.Also, keep in mind that some will want more after a walk and champagne.Perhaps these guests will be little, but better that was on the table, and this drink.It is important to pay attention to the quality of alcohol.You can not save it, because it can cost the health invited guests.Therefore, we should only buy familiar brands and stores checked.

Alcohol for redemption, registrar and walks

doing calculation of alcohol at the wedding, remember that in addition to the banquet, it may be necessary also when the bride price.Of course, in this case, it is best suited champagne or light sweet wine.Avoid drinking liquor before the banquet, since the extra adventure nobody wants.When purchasing champagne, we must proceed from this calculation:

  • redemption at the end of every guest need to pour a glass.
  • to the registrar also need to treat all the guests of alcohol (1 glass).
  • During the walk is also recommended to pour them a glass of 2-3.

As a result, one guest to the restaurant need to 5 glasses, and this - 1 bottle of champagne.

calculation formula

As noted earlier, there are many formulas that can be used to calculate the amount of alcohol in the celebration.Thus, the formula for calculating the alcohol at a wedding is as follows: it is necessary to multiply the approximate number of glasses drunk on the number of guests.Then you need to divide this value by 5 to know the approximate number of bottles.The resulting amount is recommended to round to an integer value (but in a big way).This will be the minimum number of bottles you want to purchase.It is advisable to add to them another 10-20 to alcohol was enough.

amounts of alcohol dependence on the number of guests

should be understood that the more the wedding, the more alcohol they drink guests.So, of course, the calculation of alcohol at a wedding for 50 people will be different from the celebration with hundreds of guests.This process is based on respect for one simple rule, which reads as follows:

  • One bottle of champagne should be enough for 3 people.
  • 1 bottle of vodka - for two.
  • For every person need 1 bottle of wine.
  • water and juice - 2 liters each.

However, in the calculation of alcohol at a wedding (60 people) must be taken into account only drinkers.At the same time, non-alcoholic drinks are calculated taking into account of each and every guest.Sometimes it happens that the calculation of alcohol at a wedding (30 people) are less ambitious nature will entail a more expensive purchase than it would have been on holiday with lots of guests.It should also take into account the age of all guests, since it is very important.In addition, if among the guests there are pregnant women, you should expect that they will only drink juice and sparkling water.It is also recommended to make a small reception to guest could drink coffee or tea.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the time of the banquet.So, the summer drink more wine than vodka.In winter, everything will be exactly the opposite.It is important to take into account the place of the celebration (indoors or outdoors).Menu also plays an important role.The more guests eat, the more they will need to drink.It is recommended to consult with people who have recently had a wedding.