Patron desert storm and fury - the Egyptian god Seth

special interest and admiration still is the religion of ancient Greece.But no less fascinating belief of the ancient Egyptians, who also believed in many gods, sacrificed to them and honored.Mysterious and powerful force is having God of Ancient Egypt - Seth.Not having a permanent shape, the master of the storm in the desert - Network - one of the most power in the Egyptian beliefs.

Patron power of the Pharaohs - the god Seth

The name of the Egyptian god represents a pillar of stability, which is associated with power over the desert on the one hand, and on the other - with the power of the pharaohs.God Seth appeared in Egyptian beliefs only as a master of the desert, in the beginning of his power was not so strong, he accompanied the caravans, going along the sandy deserts.And eventually, when the Egyptians imagined that most of the land cover of the country consists of sand, Seth awarded greater force.He began to control the weather in the desert, sandstorms and fierce dusty wind, destruction, carrying death behind him - it was all power over Seth.He was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, believing that bringing offerings to the deity, they can appease him and to protect themselves from sandstorms and death.Due to its power of the god Seth was the chief deity of Lower Egypt, of particular note Ombos where he was worshiped most.

Eventually Seth began to confer power of the pharaohs, as he was considered the strongest in the sandy areas.Accordingly, the Pharaoh had to have strong power to control people.Often to his name Seth Pharaohs have made a name as a component.God Seth was portrayed with red eyes, so with him began to associate all that is associated with the color red, including red hair, alien to the Egyptians.So Seth was also a patron of foreigners and foreign caravans.

Relatives Seth.As portrayed?

great future was destined to the deity before birth, as Seth - god, born of the reunification of the two powerful forces: earth god Geb and Nut the heavenly deity.Osiris, Isis and Nephthys, he was the brother.Although the relationships, fertility goddess Nephthys was the wife of Seth, who had several of them.There are Anat, taweret, Ashtoreth, but the heirs of the powerful god does not know anything, maybe they did not exist.

Prior to the merger of the State Network portrayed one, as the supreme deity of Lower Egypt, and during the Rally for the championship he had to compete with the god Horus, which it eventually won.Since that time, the god Seth was depicted together with Gore, a little behind him.

How looked Seth?Egyptologists claim that his unusual appearance - a Seth animal, they called him.He had glowing red eyes, long ears, a square, a little crooked mysterious face, which has given the name "Seth animal," and human legs.With the body of the dog he managed to stand on two feet.He could be like as an anteater, and the dog, as well as hippopotamus.The fact that a single image of the god Seth from the Egyptians was not, he was zoomorphic.