Gods of trade among different peoples of the world

In ancient times it was the main religion of paganism, or in a different way, polytheism.In addition, each of the gods responsible for certain activities, and his power extended only within this area.In particular, it was thought that merchants and traders took its reliable protection of the gods of commerce.These mythical creatures were subject to the beliefs of different peoples, and each of the communities called his patron in his own way.They found their place and recognition of trade as the gods in the well-known Roman and Greek mythology as well as in our own, Slavonic pantheon.Recall the characteristics of each of the deities of various peoples of the world.


God of trade with the Greeks, Hermes, the ancient tradition is the son of a mountain nymph Maia.His father - as much of the sky and god of gods - Zeus himself.Born of a forbidden love demi-god from early childhood began to show unprecedented resourcefulness, cunning and agility and intelligence.In addition, the Greek Hermes sources attributed the qualities of speed and lightness, making it the patron of messengers, messenger of peace and war.Like all the gods of commerce, Hermes helps merchants by providing them with information so that they need.Greeks over time changed the destiny of this demigod.Gradually, he was credited with the role of patron of thieves, for his acumen helps fraudsters to see where and what is bad, as well, and to hide stolen.Later, Hermes began to serve as a conductor of souls to Hades.It was believed that this demi-god and protector of shepherds and herds can waft dreams.He is devoted to stone pillars at the gates and doors, which made him a defender of travelers.


analogue of Hermes in Roman mythology - Mercury.Just as in Greece, he was considered the son of the god of the sky, but the Romans named him general.Mercury originally attributed to the patronage of the bread business, but gradually he became a full-fledged advocate of trade, all shopkeepers and peddlers.Merchants offer to God a variety of sacrifices to appease him and to avoid fraud on the part of its competitors.Interesting is the fact that the fastest of the planets of the solar system was named in honor of the patron swift "shopkeepers".


God Slavs trade under the name of famous Veles.Unlike their southern counterparts, it is not inherent qualities such as deceit, cunning, trickery.On the contrary, Velez also proclaimed patron of wisdom, song and poetry.Like the other gods of trade, it is parallel to the god of agriculture, namely animal husbandry.The name of Veles Slavs associated one of the most beautiful star clusters - the Pleiades.Often in the ancient sources of the god Perun opposed.This is the main difference between "black" patron saint of herdsmen from Mercury and Hermes, as Velez - one of the main deities, while other gods recognized trade, as a rule, only assistants more important representatives of the mythological pantheon.