As Gagarin was killed and who was to blame?

March 27, 1968 the world was shocked by the death of the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.His charming smile did not leave anyone indifferent, regardless of political views, attitude towards the Soviet Union and socialism.He was the first Earthman stranded in orbit, it loved it.

To this day, different opinions about how Gagarin died and who is guilty.A thorough investigation into the crash ended with the wreckage of the plane was sealed in an airtight container and sent for permanent storage.The official conclusion consisted of dozens of volumes, and in fact did not explain anything.MiG-15UTI was serviceable, no special atmospheric conditions in the area of ​​the flight was not observed, there were no foreign aircraft.Domestic rumors that pilots were drunk.Perhaps this version of the spread deliberately to conceal the true cause of the little-known.

Commission tries to understand how died Yuri Gagarin, were investigating the circumstances of many of the events that preceded the collision of the aircraft with the ground.The weather conditions were not ideal, almost all the time spent in the air, the plane was flying in the clouds, and flying was done "blindly", ie reading.As of 1968 the MiG-15UTI (double training version of the MiG-15) is not considered obsolete, it was used to recover the flying skills of pilots after the holidays or illness, at least until the mid-70s.Another thing is that the aircraft had some management features: long lamp glass worsened aerodynamic performance and reduced lateral stability.But it is difficult to assume that an experienced pilot Seregin was unknown.

instrument base at the time consisted of the so-called alarms, ie mechanical indicators.With the rapid rise or decrease the altimeter was late, and it could mislead pilots performing aerobatic maneuvers, in particular, horizontal corkscrew or a barrel, but it was not to confuse the instructor.

The investigation revealed that a few minutes before Gagarin died in the airspace reserved for a training flight, came another military fighter - the modern Su-15.Unlike subsonic MiG-15, it could reach speeds of more than 2,200 km / h, has a high rate of climb and maneuverability.With high probability we can assume that his presence could fatally affect the outcome of the flight.At close passage near the relatively low-speed MiG "Dry" could create turbulent air currents overturned "Spark".However, this version does not give a full explanation, because during the Korean War, "fifteenth" and got into such scrapes, and even under heavy fire.

In the place where Gagarin was killed, a memorial stele with profiles crashed pilots.Today, it is known that alcoholic beverages on the eve of destruction, they did not use.Thus, after many years of injustice was corrected word of mouth, accusing pilot Vladimir Seregin in the crash, in fact, he was responsible for the lives of his famous trainee in the training flight.

Perhaps the explanation, as in most tragic cases, not to be found in any one reason, and a combination thereof.Flight instruction violated and before Gagarin died, and almost everywhere.The Commission of Inquiry is a proven fact ten deviations from the standards adopted to ensure safety in the Soviet Air Force.Overcast made a contribution, worsening the orientation of the pilots until the last second trying to align the plane.Readings were not given a fair presentation of the spatial position relative to the earth's surface.If to these factors, each of which by itself does not pose a mortal danger suddenly arose add eddy currents, it becomes clear that the pilots simply did not have some hundreds of meters in height.Reasons to hide the truth about how Gagarin died, most likely, were exclusively departmental.