Eternal Flame - symbol of memory

eternal flame symbolizes the eternal memory of anyone or anything.As a rule, it is included in the memorial theme.

to him always bring flowers, come to worship, to stand up and be quiet.It burns in any weather, in winter and summer, at any time of day: day and night, not allowing human memory fade away ...

eternal flame was lit in the ancient world.For example, in ancient Greece, not extinguished the Olympic flame burning.In many churches it as a shrine supported by special priests.Later this tradition migrated in ancient Rome, where an eternal flame burned continually in the temple of Vesta.Before that it was used as the Babylonians, Egyptians and Persians.

in modern tradition started after the First World War, when in Paris in 1921, opened the memorial of the Unknown Soldier - memorial eternal flame which illuminates the Arc de Triomphe.In our country, the first time he solemnly lighted not in the capital, and in the small village of Pervomaisky near Tula, near the monument to the heroes who fell in the Great Patriotic War.In Moscow today, burning just three character memory at the Kremlin wall, and on the grave of the Unknown Soldier and at Poklonnaya Hill.

For many military monuments are a sign of gratitude to those who have been able to withdraw from the world of the threat of fascism, but the eternal flame is special.Sometimes it seems that the flame comes out of the stone itself, but this is not true because a person only sees the result of very complex devices.The mechanism is a tube through which the gas is fed into the device, which creates a spark.Such constructions need a periodic maintenance.Experts regularly check the integrity of the pipeline clean from dust or soot settling mechanism strike sparks, updated exterior trim, usually made of metal in the form of a torch or a star.

combustion takes place inside the device in the burner, which limited the access of oxygen.The flame comes out, wraps around the cone through the holes in the crown.The eternal flame is lit regardless of the weather: rain, snow or wind.Its design is conceived in such a way that it is protected at all times.In calm weather rain that falls in the cone samovyvoditsya out of the drainage pipe, and the water, which has appeared at the bottom of the metal cylinder uniformly flows out of the holes in it.And when there is an oblique rain, the drops falling on a hot burner, immediately evaporate, without getting to the core of the flame.The same thing happens with the snow.Once inside the cone, it immediately melts, bringing out.At the bottom of the metal cylinder snow only it surrounds the flame, and it can not extinguish.A provided on the crown of the teeth reflect the wind, forming a barrier to the holes in the air.

Memorials created in memory of the fallen heroes, were established in many cities of the former Soviet republics.And almost everywhere they remained, as evidenced by their numerous photos.The eternal flame is a mandatory attribute of these memorials remain the most sacred and most precious symbol of remembrance of the feat.