Use of Argan oil in cosmetics

Argan oil is extracted from the fruits of Argan tree that grows in Morocco and Algeria.It is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the tree.Ten years ago this unique facility was little known.It was used only by residents of Morocco.But now rare and useful properties of argan oil are known worldwide.

Useful properties of argan oil

whole secret of Argan oil is its composition.It contains about 80% unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E and substances similar antibiotics and fungicides.That is, the components that are capable of suppressing agents of many diseases.With this composition finds application argan place not only in cosmetics but also in the food industry as well as in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

usefulness argan

This product (when ingested) improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels, beneficial effect on potency, immunity, metabolism.For intake is better to use oil from unroasted argan.Take it should be on an e

mpty stomach, one to two teaspoons.As the oil to all the other also perfectly tones, better to drink it in the morning.It is worth paying attention to its high caloric content (100 grams of oil contains 828 calories).

Application of argan oil cosmetic purposes

argan oil has beneficial effect on the skin.It is quickly absorbed and promotes healing of minor cuts, abrasions, injuries and thermal burns.Regular external use of the product as a cosmetic skin care protects it from premature aging and corrects the shortcomings that have appeared with age.Cosmetic argan oil should be applied to the skin at night (instead of face cream).It is also possible to apply it directly to the night cream, but only if the pores are not prone to clogging.

application of argan oil for strengthening hair and nails

argan oil can be used as a tonic for the hair care and nails.Regular its use will make hair softer and eliminate dryness of the scalp.In addition, the natural ingredients will protect your hair from the negative effects of high or low humidity, solar radiation.Shampoo with argan oil can help restore the hair structure from within, making them beautiful and healthy.

argan oil can be applied to the hair and pure.Spread a small amount over the entire length of the hair, put on his head a shower cap and wrap it with a towel to keep warm.After an hour and a half should be thoroughly wash your hair.The use argan oil as a hair mask gives excellent results from the first half.

You can mix this oil with burdock, which is also known for its healing properties.Argan oil is added and the mixture of sage, lavender and olive.To strengthen nails should be regularly rubbed into the nail plate argan oil.Better do it before bedtime, so it has had time to absorb well.