Fehu - the rune of good luck and wealth.

What are runes?Initially this Ancient Germanic alphabet.They have been used not only as the alphabet, but in a system conjectural.

But that's not all the functions of the runes.They can bring luck, wealth, help in business and even heal.But you need to clearly know the value of each character and their combinations with each other.

Fehu - Fleece luck

This symbol is considered to be able to attract not only the luck and money.Its original meaning - the acquisition of something tangible assets, capital and finance.It is not surprising that to attract wealth Germans painted on the amulet triple Fehu.

As rune of luck, wealth and love, she had to bring to the owner of all of the above.The only time - she herself does not bring wealth.If you use Fehu, get ready for what will have to spin, like a squirrel in a cage.But the return is good and stable.If you do not want to wear an amulet with strange characters, draw a triple Fehu and hang in the southeast corner.Combined with Mannaz it will lead to your home right people.

According to Feng Shui, this sector wealth.

Soul - Fleece happiness and luck

Another very positive rune - Soul or Sovul.It embodies the very heavenly light that gives life to all the world.Therefore, it is believed that by drawing on the door of the house soul, you will not know any troubles in my life.In action Kanaz like her, whose name translates as "flame".This rune of luck, because it reveals the creativity, allowing you to see hidden opportunities and use them.In addition, it represents, as well as soul, irrepressible energy and vitality.


This rune of luck and happiness.It helps to realize our plans, gives pleasure from the process of achieving the goal.But it is necessary to be extremely cautious.Vuno - Fleece is very strong, and the thoughtless use may have the opposite effect.The fact is that if the triple Fehu will bring only good three Vuno, in fact, this is one of the strongest curses.

Algiz - Rune God's help

This sign, like chicken feet, is considered not only the oldest but also the most versatile.This rune happiness and good luck.The fact that she, according to the beliefs of the Germans and Scandinavians, the man opens a communication channel with the Divine.This means that the use Algiz automatically assumes the defense and protection of higher powers.However, it helps to strengthen the intuition that does not hurt, if it is necessary to attract good luck in life.


addition to the use of single runes, can and should have recourse to the so-called "put" or runic formulas.As the name implies, it is a few characters written in a very specific order.Being in relationship with each other, they activate the processes of attracting a person's life joy, happiness, luck and wealth.One of the best and most positive rune Dagaz considered.It helps to cope with the difficulties.

One of the most druvnih considered a formula that consists of the runes Ansuz, Hyeres, Uruz and Ansuz.It is mentioned in the Prose Edda as a means to attract good luck.In this formula, each rune has a clear function.So, Ansuz opens up new possibilities, allows a person to see them.Uruz, in turn, gives strength to, he was able to take advantage of the chance.Parallel to this, Uruz stamina both moral and physical.Hyères, which is third in itself mean the end of a fruitful business or enterprise.This same combination, it helps not only a chance to see, but also to bring our plans to the end.Mirror closing Ansuz need to enhance the action of the first rune.

If you are looking rune for luck and money, then you will Fehu formula-Inguz-Óðal.Fehu, being itself a rune of money and property, interact with Inguz which represents the rule of the case.In this formula, Otal (Óðal), symbolizing the original home and family ties directly farm a man who writes a formula.If you want more and strengthen family relationships, use Gebo, although in itself it is not a rune of wealth and good luck.However, it draws the right contacts.

Thus, the use of becoming a man accidentally gets financial help from higher powers.

Gebo-Fehu-Perth Óðal.It is a combination of runes on luck and attract money.But here the emphasis is on the fact that the finance will come from cooperation and mutually beneficial deals.

for their cooperation in any way responsible Gebo.Fehu, as mentioned above, it is just the material side of the issue.Perth opens up new possibilities, and Óðal, in turn, directs the flow is to the person who uses the formula.

Laguz: whether it is simple?

On the one hand, it is highly Fleece Women, on the other hand, its power can destroy almost anything.It really is a rune of luck.Why is that?The fact is that Laguz, in addition to the disclosure of intuitive abilities, manages an array of probabilities.That is, by using it, you can even turn the event flow in the other direction.Yes, it will be difficult, but possible.Therefore, in order to attract money or luck is sometimes enough to visualize Laguz over a clearly see how events increases the likelihood of desired ... and forget about the done manipulations.The magic is always like this: if you want something to work, forget about it for a while.

Slavs also have the runes!

can argue about whether the work Slavic runes luck or not.It is already broken too many copies on the subject of whether they are remakes, who coined only to extort money.We do this here will not.

Let's just say that when you need luck, no time to think, to act.Therefore, if you close the Slavic paganism, use the rune Dazhdbog to attract hurry.It is the mother of all Slavs, so his help will follow immediately.