Australian actor Guy Pearce: Filmography

Actor Guy Pearce - not one of those heroes of blockbusters, which are recognized on every corner.He prefers to choose movies with interesting and unusual scenario, not those where a huge budget is everything.Australian actor - a rather ordinary person, and movies with Guy Pearce deserve special attention.

became famous

Although Guy Edward Pearce was born in the UK October 5, 1967, his family moved to Australia when he was only three years old.Guy's father was a pilot and was killed in a plane crash when little Pearce was only nine years old.The boy and his sister with Down syndrome was raised by his mother.In 15 years, quite slender and frail teenager engaged in bodybuilding, and also played in school theater productions.But he was not very sociable and had almost no friends.And in 17 years, Guy sent his resume to various Australian television channels, hoping to get a role on the TV.And his efforts were not in vain.In 1985, Pierce got the role of Mike Young in the Australian forge frames - mega series "Neighbours", starring future stars such as Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia and Jesse Spencer.The first acting experience in the series has been so successful that the actor immediately became popular in the country.

From TV to the big screen

Next were such shows as "home and away", "Cold River: McGregor Saga" and others.But fate did not suit the serial actor Guy, and he decided to leave the TV.Thus began a new era in the career of a talented actor by the name of Guy Pearce.Filmography Australian gradually began to be replenished, and other works, he starred in such films as "Tonight in Paradise", "Snowy River," "Ruthless hunting" and "My forgotten man" (participation in the last actor called the worst in his life).But the real success on the big screen came to Pierce in 1994 for his role as eccentric transvestite in the film "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."He said the American producers and was invited to Hollywood, where he managed to get the lead role in the thriller "LA Confidential," which was released in 1997.This debut in cinema has become an incredible start for the Australian.In addition to the gorgeous cast with Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger and Kevin Spacey film scored a lot of nominations and awards of prestigious awards: "Golden Globe", "Bafta" and even "Oscar."

Career gaining unprecedented momentum

So it was that in Hollywood, pretty soon shone such a star, Guy Pearce.Filmography Actor continued to actively grow, and in 1999 came three films with his participation: "The battle for a new world", "Life on Tilt" and "Maneater".The most original of these was a horror film, "Cannibal", which did not appreciate the uniqueness of the audience, and it failed miserably at the box office.In 2000, the Venice Film Festival held a triumphant show of the thriller "Remember" the young novice director Christopher Nolan with Pierce in the title role.Despite more than a modest budget, the film won excellent reviews from critics, and the nominations of several prestigious awards was marked by the main actor - Guy Pearce.

His films continue to go after each other and becoming more and more big-budget and ambitious.In 2002, in addition to paintings "While the voices do not wake us" and "Word of the thief" in rolling out hits such as rolled, as an adventure, "The Count of Monte Cristo" and the fantastic "Time Machine".

without missing

career in Australian virtually no failures paintings so unique is the actor Guy Pearce.Filmography this talented man in Hollywood continues to grow all the really powerful bands, where he played a major role.In the movie "Factory Girl", released in rent in 2006, Pierce masterfully embodied a cult artist.The following 2007 large screens out the picture "Death Defying Acts" where Australian actor became legendary magician Harry Houdini and played in tandem with the brilliant Catherine Zeta-Jones.Such his films as "The Hurt Locker" in 2008 and "The King's Speech", were awarded Oscars.But this is only the most famous of his projects, and were still "Traitor," "Flight of a Lifetime," "Bedtime Stories," "According to the laws of the wolf" - all in just a few years.Judging by the number of films with his participation, Guy has worked non-stop.Pierce - one of the most talented actors, which the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and persistently ignores unfairly.

Guy Pearce: filmography over the past five years and future projects

In 2011, the actor decided to go back to basics on television and starred in the miniseries HBO "Mildred Pierce", which consisted of five episodes.The main role in it sang Oscar-winning Kate Winslet and Guy went Actor Monty Beragona.But he received a nomination for her "Golden Globe" award and "US Screen Actors Guild," and received a well-deserved "Emmy".This was followed by such well-known and uspeshnyeproekty as "Seeking Justice", "ahead", "Lawless", "Prometheus" and "Iron Man 3".Guy Pearce as good at everything - from geniuses to villains.In 2015 came the comedy "results", where he again had a major role, but in the end, the two are expected dramatic film with his participation: "Equal" and "genius."Although Guy is actively removed in Hollywood, he lives at home and is also involved in projects of the Australian cinema.