Makeup lessons: how to draw an arrow on the eyes

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know how to draw an arrow on the eyes, always beneficial - this classic element of make-up will suit anyone (if you choose the right shape and color), and always will contribute to the creation of a bright image.Spend just a few minutes of training and master useful skill for the future.

First of all, you need to understand what the arrow is to paint for you.Some believe that this element of make-up brand does not suit them, only because they could not find a suitable version of himself.The form of the eyes, eyebrows and some facial features in general affect the arrows that will decorate your image.Typically, problems arise in search of the perfect line thickness and the extent of its output for the outer corner of eye.Experiment in the mirror - the only way you can surely find a suitable form and to understand how to draw an arrow on the eyes.

With that you can decorate your eyes?The brightest, persistent and well-defined arrows are obtained by using a liquid eyeliner.The only problem - to learn how to use it is quite difficult, therefore, is not the best choice for a beginner.Operate with eyeliner is much easier.Moreover, if desired, the arrows drawn to them, you can instantly turn into a smokey eyes.Remember that pencil regularly erode.Special makeup brushes allow to draw arrows, even with the usual eye shadow.

Some sources advise to choose the color depending on the time of year (ie, the color of your facial features).It is worth noting that all the rules of make-up is relative, and the only way to learn how to create the perfect image for you - experiments.Choose the color cosmetics that you want.

So, how to draw an arrow on the eyes?Talk about the process.Before, apply powder on the eyelids or a foundation - the arrow will turn out brighter and will stay longer.It is desirable that draws the hand had support.First, mark the outline of dashed arrows, then connect the line and if necessary extend it.If you decide to use eyeliner, but not very strong in the art of make-up, eye pencil nakraste first and only then circle what happened.Tighten the lid to the temple - it will be easier to make a smooth shooter.Make sure that the line drawn between the lashes and there are no gaps: you not only lose the amount that can be achieved using the liner, but simply carelessness will attach the image.

already finished arrows need to be corrected?Moisten a cotton swab makeup remover and tweak the necessary details.If the make-up was done in pencil, you can simply create the aforementioned smokey eyes (blend line and add up to the eyelid shade lighter shade).Finally, the ink is to select on the basis of color (everything is clear - shades have the same maximum) and line thickness: thin to fit lengthening, thickening - volume.Now that you know how to draw an arrow on the eyes.