Concise presentation DPA

condensed presentation is part of a set of tasks the state final examination in the 9th grade.And, as a rule, is in serious doubt and difficulties for students.Since the Russian language is a compulsory subject, write a summary of everything you need.

How to properly distribute the forces during the reading and catch all the important moments?To do this you need to learn or just to remember a few basic rules.Concise presentation - a special form of working with textual information.Here it is necessary not only to shorten the text, leave it as the most important.You must be able to hear and choose the basic ideas move smoothly from one thought to another, tactfully and effectively find ways to summarize the information received.Therefore, a concise summary (DPA on the Russian language: 1 part) should be short, but informative.

Very often, students admit logical and semantic error, jump from one paragraph to another.This "jump" is reflected in the logic: no crossings - turns ragged text and gives the impression of passages.To avoid this, you must first draft to make some sort of a plan.The points mikrotemy paint, which number corresponds to the number of paragraphs.After that, each of them highlight key words or phrases, and then pick them synonymous.Best of all the main and most important idea of ​​the paragraph to formulate a simple two-part proposal.This is in order not to overload the structure of the presentation.It is in complex sentences with a lot of turns of the students often allow speech and semantic shortcomings.It should also be noted that it is very important to maintain the type of speech that is used in the main source.For this narrative is the following sequence: the beginning, the description, the climax - the most poignant moment, the end of the event;to describe: the description of the subject and its features;for arguments: thesis / argument, reasoning own evidence, the outcome / output.

condensed presentation will not give problems if you write it clearly on the scheme.It is necessary to immediately grasp the idea of ​​the text and in the course of his hearing has mikrotemy distribute and allocate paragraphs.After drawing up a kind of circuit you need to write a concise summary on draft.

this dirty work must be checked for spelling, grammatical and semantic errors.

Do not forget that the words should not be less than 90. Also, do not take a job with this task a lot of time.After thorough testing, you can safely overwrite your summary to the clean copy.But better to jump around a few times even for rough work.

So succinct statement on the state final examination for a compulsory subject in grade 9 is one of the most difficult tasks.Pupils have a problem with the release of the main ideas in each paragraph.This is why you need to be able to highlight key words and find them and learn synonyms briefly but clearly summarize information.